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Repairable Vans

If a van is involved in an accident it can be written off by insurance companies even for fairly minor damage. However, if the owner does decide to get it fixed, it’s then assigned a special category. We often buy these category vans as a standard part of our service and many people find this very useful. Insurance companies often settle claims with valuations below what van owners expect, which can lead to financial difficulty. But we can offer a quick sale which will take off the pressure.

We Buy Repairable Vans for Sale

Here at We Buy Broken Vans, we are pleased to buy repairable vans for sale. We understand that after a traumatic event such as a crash, many van owners want to quickly sell the vehicle involved. We can help by making a fair offer for your damaged van, collect it from your work or home and get you paid quickly.


The majority of accidents are covered by insurance, but some aren’t. Obviously, an accident-damaged van is worth far less than its market value and needs to be fixed. This where we come in.

Sometimes the accident repair costs are much more than you’re willing to pay, or maybe you just want a fresh start in a new van. Whatever the reason for sale we can help at We Buy Broken Vans. We buy vans in accidents that are multi-vehicle as well as single van incidents (e.g. hitting a lamp post or sign). So, if you have a damaged but repairable van for sale, get in touch today.

The term “insurance write-off” sounds pretty scary, but in reality, it can mean all sorts of things depending on the van itself. As mentioned, sometimes a van can be written off if the repair costs to the insurance company are marginal and the damage can seem very minor. However, this, of course, isn’t always the case and in many situations, it is beneficial for the owner to buy the written-off van back from the insurance company and sell it for its salvage value.

Buying a written off van is perfectly legal in UK law. Why not contact us and see what the salvage value of your van would be rather than simply accepting whatever the insurance company offers? Also, read our related pages – “Cat C Vans” and “Cat D Vans”.

You could, but you’re going to need a lot of luck. Many people are put off by Category repaired vans because although they look good and seem like a bargain, it’s hard to know if there will be problems further down the line. The quality of the repair can also be called into question, and if problems arise between you and your buyer you can end up with major hassle.


Sell Your Damaged/Broken Van to We Buy Broken Vans Now

Here at We Buy Broken Vans we buy accident damaged and written off vans all the time. It’s what we do! We know how to make the most of such vans and provide top quality service to van owners who have written off vans for sale. Simply contact us on 0121 285 9859 – we’d love to hear from you. We can also be called and texted via mobile on 07582 859 859.


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