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Types of vans we buy

Scrap my Van

When a vehicle is very old, accident damaged or in poor condition, an insurance company may opt to write it off. If this is the case, you might well decide the only way forward is to sell it for scrap so that at least some of the value can be recouped. We can help by buying it from you at a fair price with no hassle..

We Buy Vans Which Are Written Off for Scrap

If you’re looking for scrap van buyers you’ve come to the right place. Here at We Buy Broken Vans, we are pleased to buy your scrap van whatever its condition. We know that after a traumatic event such as a crash, you may wish to sell the van quickly and move on. We can help by making a fair offer for your damaged van, collect it from your work or home and get you paid quickly with no problems.

When Should I Scrap My Van?

Sometimes the accident repair costs are much more than either you or your insurance company are willing to pay. Or sometimes you just want a fresh start in a new van and want rid of your old one quickly. Whatever the reason for sale we can help here at We Buy Broken Vans. We are pleased to buy scrap vans for cash no matter what your reason for selling. So if you have one or more scrap vans for sale, get in touch today.

Buying Back Scrap Vans

Scrap vans don’t necessarily have to be severely damaged in order for an insurance company to class them as write-offs. Sometimes a van can be written off if the repair costs to the insurance company are marginal even though the damage can seem very minor. However, this, of course, isn’t always the case and in many situations, it is beneficial for the owner to buy the written-off van back from the insurance company and sell it for its scrap value.

If you have a scrap van for sale, why not contact us to compare it with the offer your insurance company is giving you? Also, read our related pages –“Cat C Vans” and “Cat D Vans”.

Should I Sell My Scrap Van Myself?

You can but it may not be easy. You might well find you get a wide range of very low offers for your scrap as people try to get a bargain. Not only is this a major hassle but it wastes time too. However, by selling your scrap van to us, you know we’ll offer you a fair price and no messing around.

Sell Your Scrap Van to We Buy Broken Vans Now

Scrap vans for sale are our speciality and at We Buy Broken Vans have many years of experience. We are pleased to offer an excellent service to van owners who have written off vans for sale as scrap. Simply contact us on 0121 285 9859 – we’d love to hear from you. We can also be called and texted via mobile on 07582 859 859.

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