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Scrap Van Collection

Having a scrap van can be a pain. It might be cluttering up the garage, or the driveway. Perhaps you need to move on and need another van for day to day use. Read on to learn about our scrap van collection service and judge for yourself, whether it might be right for your needs.

Describing our scrap van collection service

  • Scrap – scrap comes in many forms, here are some reasons you may want to scrap your van:
    1. Accident damaged – the van may have been so badly damaged in an accident it is now only worth scrap value
    2. Beyond economic repair – the costs of repairing a van may exceed its value
    3. Non-runner – the van may no longer be driveable and as such is difficult to sell
  • Van – this is a service specifically aimed at buying scrap vans:
    1. Van makes – we buy various manufacturer models including Nissan, Renault, Vauxhall, etc. to name but a few!
    2. Van models – we buy many models for each manufacturer, e.g. for Nissan – popular models we buy are Cabstar, Navara and Primastar

Visit this page to view some of the most popular makes and models we buy

  • Collection – here is some information about our scrap van collection service:
    1. Collection area – we will collect from anywhere within the mainland UK
    2. Collection location – we will collect from any location of your choice, including your home
    3. Collection day/time – we will agree a collection date and time that’s convenient as a part of the process
  • Service – we are all about providing a top-quality service:
    1. 7-day quote – complete our online valuation and we will give a quotation, this is valid for 7-days based on the information entered by the owner
    2. Hassle-free – our service is designed to be hassle-free, for the convenience of owners
    3. Speed – the service can typically be completed in 2-3 days
  • Payment – here is some payment related information:
    1. No cash payments – we don’t pay cash, as this is illegal under the terms of The Scrap Metal Dealers Act (SMDA) 2013
    2. Payment methods – we pay by bank transfer or PayPal
    3. Pay as per quote – you will be paid the same as the online quotation, unless the condition of your van varies from the details entered upon inspection

Sell Your Scrap Van to We Buy Broken Vans Now

Scrap vans for sale are our speciality and at We Buy Broken Vans have many years of experience. We are pleased to offer an excellent service to van owners who have written off vans for sale as scrap. Simply contact us on 0121 285 9859 – we’d love to hear from you. We can also be called and texted via mobile on 07582 859 859.

Try our van collection service to receive a fair price for your scrap van

If you have any more questions, please visit our frequently asked questions (with answers), which provides an explanation to many likely queries

Arrange your van to be collected by We Buy Broken Vans

Why not start the process now, by completing an online valuation? Simply enter your registration number and the submit button to start the process. Entering the information online takes no more than 2-3 minutes. Once completed we will arrange your scrap van collection and payment all in one convenient appointment, with the whole process often taking 2-3 days from start to finish.

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