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Stolen Recovered Van Buyers

Vehicle theft is on the increase in the UK. Here are some statistics from Direct Line Insurance

  • Vehicle thefts rose 45% when comparing 2017/18 versus 2013/14
  • A total of 112,174 cars were stolen in the 2017/18 1-year period

Although the above are statistics for cars the same is true of vans, which often laden with tools and other valuables are equally (if not more) sought after than cars.

What are stolen and recovered vans?

This is simply a term to describe any motor vehicle, which was stolen but was subsequently recovered.

According to industry statistics, only 45.31% of vehicles stolen over a 10-year period were recovered. Why is this? Well, many are simply broken down for parts and thieves make their money this way, rather than risking the resale of the entire vehicle through its chassis number.

A certain number of cars/vans will be stolen but also subsequently recovered. In cases like this, the following may apply:

  • Damage:
    • the vehicle may be undamaged or
    • regrettably, in many cases, the vehicle will be subject to extensive damage
    • sometimes the damage may be so extensive it makes the vehicle a write-off
  • Insurance – the vehicle may or may not have been paid out by the insurance company

Is it legal to buy stolen and recovered vans?

Absolutely, it is legal. We just need to understand that the person selling the van is the current legal owner.

We Buy Broken Vans can buy your stolen and recovered van off you, but we would need to be 100% certain that you have legal ownership first. For this to apply, we would need to understand:

  1. Insurance status – what is the status?
    1. Has the vehicle been returned with no compensation as there was no damage?
    2. Has the vehicle been returned to the Policyholder with compensation for any damage?
    3. The claim has been settled and therefore the vehicle is now legally owned by the insurance company

This category of vans will have an HPI Marker showing that they were stolen at a point in time. Even though many of these vans are perfectly roadworthy this marker tends to affect the resale value.

Sell today to We Buy Broken Vans

We are active buyers of stolen and subsequently recovered vans. We tend to buy this category of van from both private buyers and insurance companies.

Sell to us, whoever you are, and we guarantee to provide a fair price for your van, and we can enable you to put the sorry history regarding the theft behind you.

As with any van we buy, simply use our free online valuation tool. Enter your details starting with the registration number, make sure you mention the theft history and we will then be able to provide a valuation.

How to contact us

We understand this is a technical topic, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help and advice on 0121 285 9859. If you prefer to text us, please message via SMS at 07582 859 859. Our full contact details are at https://www.webuybrokenvans.co.uk/contact-us/.


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