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At We Buy Broken Vans we operate nationally, so if you have a used van to sell in London then you can take advantage of our fast, efficient van buying solutions. There are lots of reasons to sell your van, even if it is not roadworthy or has an underlying fault that is preventing its normal operation. Check out what we offer right here and learn more about the benefits we bring to the table.

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What perks are offered to owners of broken vans in London?

When you become a customer of We Buy Broken Vans, you can enjoy a number of advantages as standard, including:

Which types of scrap vans can you sell to us?

There are a lot of different examples of salvageable vans which we will buy, with the condition of the vehicle often being irrelevant to whether or not we will make an offer. Whether we are buying used vans in London, Birmingham, Brighton, SouthamptonManchester, Leeds, Glasgow or Liverpool, you can expect the same all-encompassing approach.

The kinds of LCVs you can sell to us include:


Can I sell my van in London?

The chances are that no matter the used vans London drivers bring to our attention, we will buy them regardless of the badge on the bonnet or the model name on the tailgate. We have extensive experience working with scrap vans from manufacturers like Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and many more besides.

For a full rundown of the automotive brands that we will consider, head to this page which will give you all the information you need.

Do you exclude vans because of certain faults?

At We Buy Broken Vans we really live up to our name; if you have a used van that is on its last legs or a total non-runner, we will still be able to provide a valuation.

Whether the fuel pump has given up the ghost or the wiring loom is in a serious state of disrepair, we can probably make you a compelling offer.

Why scrap a van in London?

While we have already covered lots of great reasons for scrapping a van in London which are based on the state of the vehicle itself, there are a few external factors which could convince you to sell to We Buy Broken Vans.

Most pressing of these is the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), which came into force in 2019 and is set to grow beyond the bounds of the congestion charging zone in October 2021.

Under the rules of the ULEZ, any owners of vans which do not comply with the standards laid out in the Euro 6 emissions regulations will need to fork out £12.50 every time they enter this zone. For one-off visits this may not be too much of an inconvenience but over time it will really add up and hit small business owners where it hurts.

ULEZ may demand a rethink as to your van scrappage policy
ULEZ may demand a rethink as to your van scrappage policy

If you are not sure whether your van has a Euro 6 engine, the quickest way to tell this is based on the date it was registered. All vans registered from September 2015 onwards will meet this standard, while those before this point are likely to fall short.

There may be other reasons that your van does not stand up to scrutiny in terms of emissions, such as if it has a DPF problem. Because we buy vans with a range of faults and failings, selling your van to us in London to get a Euro 6 compliant replacement is a breeze.

Why sell to us?

If you are scrapping your van and you are based in London, you will have a whole host of options available when you decide to get rid of your old van. You could use the official scrappage scheme associated with ULEZ rollout, you could try to sell it privately or you could take it to a local scrap dealer.

In all of these instances, there are complications to take into account and potential pitfalls to consider. Scrappage scheme eligibility rules are quite strict and will exclude a lot of van sellers. Private sales can be a tough process to navigate, fraught with frustration. Selling to a scrap yard is a gamble in terms of service quality and of course price.

We Buy Broken Vans is therefore one of the best solutions for any of the used vans London businesses have to sell. Scrapping a van in London is easier with us because we not only offer unambiguous, guaranteed valuations online but also collect your van from you. This kind of convenience will save you a whole heap of hassle and give you peace of mind rather than leaving you stressed.

All scrap vans considered

Even specialised vans can be snapped up by We Buy Broken Vans. From ex-police vans to used ice cream vans and even ex-council vans, we handle hundreds of different types of vans and are therefore perfectly positioned to make you an offer.

So what are you waiting for? Use our contact details below to find out more and sell a van in London to us.

Used Vans London for sale? Get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans

If you want to sell a used van in London with minimal hassle and for a competitive price, head to our contact page where you can fill out our email form and get a speedy response to your query from one of our experienced representatives.

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