Used Fish and Chip Vans

Fish and chip vans and other van-based catering businesses need to be mobile in order to operate. So, what happens if your vehicle is damaged, broken or simply unroadworthy? The subsequent loss of income for a small business owner can be a big headache. Selling your van privately might be one solution but, if your vehicle is in less than pristine condition then this may not be an option. Want another alternative?

Selling your fish and chip van?

Whether you are looking to upgrade, offload or downsize your catering business, we are interested in buying your fish and chip van or ice cream van or any kind of van!

We Buy Broken Vans is a specialist dealer offering fair prices for second-hand commercial vehicles. We even buy vans that are damaged or broken.

Sell your used fish and chip van; any age, any condition

That’s right. We’ll buy your used catering van whether it’s working or not and even if it’s old enough to know better! We’ll consider vans that have been involved in an accident, fire or flood and even MOT failures, insurance write-offs and non-starters.

Let’s face it, catering vans in general are hard-working commercial vehicles and some small catering businesses travel the length and breadth of the country to attend events. Over the years, this kind of mileage can lead to inevitable mechanical faults and problems such as:

As for the cosmetic appearance, again we don’t care what your van looks like. Dings, dents, scratches, bumps, even missing bodywork or parts, we’ll give you a fair market price.

Insurance write-off? We’ll still make you an offer

Due to the nature of the business, (just like burger vans) are high risk when it comes to fire damage. As a result, it is not uncommon for these kinds of catering vehicle to suffer insurance write off.

That doesn’t put us off and we can still make you an offer even if the write-off was a result of flood damage, vandalism or an accident.

We Buy Broken Vans is able to see potential in all used catering vans whether it is for spares or repairs, salvage or scrap; our prices reflect fair market value and are often much higher than those of a scrap merchant. We can certainly offer you a service that is hassle-free…unlike trying to sell your used van privately!

We buy used vans; all makes and models

The beauty of running a mobile catering service from a van is the flexibility offered by the various models on the market. From custom designs and bespoke refits to specialist catering vans, there is an abundance of varieties on the market.

We will consider all makes and models, including:

We’ll also give you a price on your imported and converted fish and chip van.

Simple service, fast settlement

We Buy Broken Vans offers a straightforward, flexible and easy-to-use service. You can contact us in a number of ways to suit you including email or using our online valuation tool.

Our team will give you an honest, no-obligation, valuation with no hidden charges and no collection fees. It’s totally free, even from the hassle.


Image Credit: Roger Cornfoot

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