Used Ice Cream Vans

Specialist vehicles, ice cream vans are tricky enough at the best of times to find a buyer for, but this can be made even more difficult if your catering van is in less than pristine condition.
Fortunately, there is an alternative to selling your ice cream truck through online classifieds even if it’s damaged or the engine is no longer working. So, if you want to sell your used van to us for a fair price, find out what we are looking for.

We buy used ice cream vans

From classic models by specialist manufacturers like Whitby Morrison to imports, bespoke and conversion vans, we buy all varieties, whatever their condition including:

We’ll consider all makes and models including Ford Transits, Mercedes Sprinters and Bedford’s as well as all varieties of Whitby Morrison. The simple truth is that if you are looking to sell a van then the chances are that we can make you a great offer.

Vans sold for spares and repairs

As every ice-cream van owner will know, getting your hands-on spares and repairs can be a real problem which is one of the reasons we buy broken catering vans. Our business is in paying honest and fair prices for used, damaged and unrepairable trade vehicles when no-one else will.

We don’t always buy simply for salvage; we can also make you an offer on repairable ice cream vans as well as those that are running like a dream.

Selling a broken or damaged van?

Damaged or non-starter catering vans don’t fetch the best prices on resale whether they’re refrigerated vans, burger vans and fish and chip vans. Fact.

It may be something mechanical that you don’t have the skills or funds to fix such as problems with the:

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to simply accept that a broken van is destined for the junkyard.

Whether it is in poor condition, unfit for purpose or simply won’t start the fact is that most buyers aren’t interested. And those that are will usually only see the scrap value for your vehicle and not the potential.

We Buy Broken Vans buys commercial vans for lots of reasons including spares and repairs as well as salvage but also because we can access affordable repairs to get some vans back on the road again.

Get a fair price for your van

We’d love to make you an offer on your used ice cream van, whatever condition it’s in. You can use our free valuation tool to build the price that we can pay for your van. Alternatively, you can email us with your details, and we’ll come back to you.


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