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Used High Top Van Buyers

High top vans are hugely practical in various commercial contexts, such as for professional removals as well as in the construction sector. We Buy Broken Vans will make an offer for your used van, so read on to learn more.

What are high top vans?

There are actually a few different names given to these vans, depending on who you ask. Some will call them high roof vans, while others will call them conversion vans. Regardless of the term used, the basic design principles are the same; namely, they will feature a higher roof than a standard panel van.

The upshot of this is that used vans of this type have a larger internal volume to play with and can accommodate larger objects, irregular loads, more equipment, additional cargo and whatever else a particular operator might require. While some are purely for commercial use, others are subsidised models that are converted to accommodate wheelchair users as well.

Why sell a high top van to us?

Because of the kinds of tough scenarios that high top vans will face every day when they are in use, it is inevitable that at some point the wear and tear will get too much and the cost of repairing them will be greater than buying or leasing a new vehicle. In this scenario, you will usually want to sell your old van to recoup whatever residual value is left. Unfortunately, finding a buyer might be tough, especially if it is a non-runner and is essentially only suitable for scrapping.

That is where We Buy Broken Vans comes into the picture. We are eager to speak with any used high roof van owners who want to sell their van, regardless of the condition the vehicle might be in at the moment. Roadworthiness is irrelevant in terms of whether we will give you an offer; the only thing that matters is that we only buy vans built from 2001 onwards.

Are you flexible on included extras?

We try to accommodate whatever specific needs each customer has with regards to selling their van to us. That means if you have built-in features of the van that you would like to keep, such as integrated shelving or other peripherals, we can discuss this before you commit to the sale.

We always provide a thorough in-person inspection of the vehicles we buy so our experienced, friendly agents will be able to advise you further. We also collect broken vans, making things super simple.

Do you only buy specific van brands?

No, we will buy used vans from almost any manufacturer, including many of the most popular and widely owned makes and models such as the VW Transporter, the Mercedes-Benz Vito and the Iveco Daily.

How do I get in touch?

If you are looking for more information or you are ready to sell your van to us, please email our team or give us a call on 0121 285 9859 and we will assist you.


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