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Are you looking to sell a minibus? Then look no further than We Buy Broken Vans. We are active used minibus buyers as mechanically these are very similar to the other types of vans we buy. Read on to learn how our service can help you with your sale.

What is a minibus?

According to the Dictionary.com a definition is: “a small bus, seating about 15 passengers and typically transporting people short distances.”.

Minibuses are just van variants and typically have a larger number of seats (often up to 20), seat configurability (to different patterns), wheelchair accessibility option and large loading capacity.

How do minibuses vary to vans?

To capitalise on an extra sales opportunity many of the van manufacturers produced a simple variant to convert a standard van into a minibus. Models vary on sizes, but most typically have between six to twenty seats. Mechanically they are identical (or very similar to) their van equivalent.

Drivers will usually need a category D or D1 driving license to drive a minibus. This is because this category of licence is needed to drive a vehicle with 8 or more passengers and a gross weight of over 3500KG.

Popular models in the UK

According to the Honest John website here are the top ten minibus models in the UK (sorted alphabetically):

Typical uses for minibuses

Here are some of the most typical uses for minibuses (this is not an exhaustive list but will provide an idea of uses):

  • Airports – they are perfect for ferrying small groups of passengers around airports (e.g. from parking to departures/arrivals and vice-versa)
  • Coach – some coach companies use them as an alternative to coaches for smaller bookings
  • Hire vehicle – they are popular with rental companies, businesses and families for groups to hire for day trips and holidays
  • School runs – many coach companies and local authorities use them to ferry schoolchildren to school (especially special educational needs children)
  • Taxi – most taxi companies will have a few minibuses on their fleet to accommodate larger bookings
  • Wheelchair accessibility – some models have configuration options to enable wheelchair access

Some reasons to sell today to We Buy Broken Vans

Here are some of the reasons to sell to us:

  • Broken and damaged – we are active used minibus buyers, even when they are broken and damaged
  • Competitive price – we will provide a competitive price
  • Free valuation – use our free valuation tool to obtain a valuation
  • Speedy payment – we will pay on the same day as collection by PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • UK mainland collection – we will collect UK-mainland wide
  • Working models – in spite of our name we also buy fully working models

Contact information for We Buy Broken Vans

To contact us call 0121 285 9859 or 07582 859 859 (texts here too). We will call you back ASAP if we are offline.

We can honestly buy your minibus from anywhere UK mainland wide in many cases in just 2-3 days. Our full contact information is published here.



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