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Used Minivan Buyers

Amongst the types of vans, we are looking to buy one group are minivans. Read on to learn our approach to buying this category of van.

What are minivans?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a definition for a pickup van is: “A large vehicle that looks like a small bus, usually with three rows of seats, the last of which can be removed or folded flat to transport large objects”.

Minivans have features such as infotainment, high seating/driving position, third row space which provides enough room for 6-7 people, comfortable seating, rear cargo space, and are designed with families in mind.

Minivans are popular for a multitude of uses but in particular, are ideal as mobile working units. They are ideal for mobile teachers and perfect for carrying art, crafts, music and a range of resources which can also make them ideal for painters and decorators.

Our definition of minivans should not be confused with the Mini, which also has its own brand called the Minivan.

Popular models in the UK

We have listed some of the most popular minivans in the UK below. We buy all of the models below as well as many others too:

  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Kia Sedona
  • Mazda 5
  • Nissan Quest and
  • Toyota Sienna

Are these really a type of van?

In our opinion, yes, they are – it’s in the name! We admit these are more family-friendly though than many vans we buy. Irrespective, minivans have many features (mentioned above), which van owners are looking for. They suit white collar workers perhaps more than other categories of vans.

We Buy Broken Vans – actively buying minivans today

Every week, We Buy Broken Vans buy a massive variety of vans, some of these, of course, are minivans. We need to buy used minivans for the following types of reasons:

  • Breakdown for spares – there is an avid appetite for spares on used vans. We buy faulty vans, often beyond economic repair often to breakdown for valuable parts and spares. This is an extremely environmentally approach and uses resources to the maximum
  • Repair and resale – on many occasions we can buy a used minivan for repair. Often this is enabled by breaking other similar models down for parts, which can be reused in repair
  • Sell to other dealers – sometimes we sell minivans we buy to other dealers who may be looking to buy a particular type of make/model

Use our totally free online tool

Receive a valuation for your van online. Enter your details into our free online valuation tool. Start by entering your registration number, enter all the required condition information and we can contact you with our expected valuation.

This valuation would need to be confirmed by an onsite inspection at the time of collection of the van. Provided condition information is “as described” the original valuation would not need to be changed.

Contact information

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any used minivans for sale you may have. We are looking to buy all models from 2001 onwards. All our contact details are published at our Contact Us page. You can complete our contact form here, as well as find our landline number (0121 285 9859) and mobile number (07582 859 859), where you can SMS message us too.



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