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We all know what to do when we’re looking to sell our house. Any high street will have a range of estate agents willing to take bricks and mortar property off our hands. What happens when you’re looking to relinquish the nomadic life of the open road, though?

We Buy Broken Vans will be willing to offer a quote for any mobile home that no longer meets your needs. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to worry.

We’ll take mobile homes that fail their MOT, that have high insurance premiums, and that have long been superseded by updated models. Just enter the registration number of your mobile home onto our home page, and we’ll make a provisional offer.

Are you really interested in mobile homes?

We are interested in anything on four wheels – so yes, we’re also keen to investigate the possibility of purchasing a mobile home.

We’re acutely aware that you would not be reading this guide without good reason. Maybe your mobile home is no longer fully operational, due to a mechanical fault with the cambelt or brakes. Maybe the roof leaks. Perhaps it won’t even start any longer.

None of this will be enough to deter us. We specialise in faulty and broken vans. We’ll be able to ensure that your mobile home serves an eco-friendly purpose, and pay you a sum of money towards its replacement,

Will you take all of my possessions too?

Within reason, yes, but for the most part, we’d expect you to clear the van before we remove it. We can handle anything mechanical or engineering in nature. A handful of peripherals here and there are also fine. They may even increase the value we offer.

Where we need to draw the line, however, is with beds and furniture and full wardrobes! We Buy Broken Vans specialise in vehicles. We do not have a market for selling such items.

We will still discuss the possibility of purchasing your mobile home, but if there will be cost implications to us for clearing out the contents, this may need to be taken into consideration when we offer a price.

Why would I sell to you rather than a private buyer?

We will make the process completely transparent and painless for you. We can wrap up the transaction in as little as three working days and remove the mobile home from your property. If it’s no roadworthy for any reason, you just let us worry about that.

You may have a private buyer expressing interest in your mobile home. They may even seem undeterred by the structural or mechanical faults that are leading you to sell. By using our service, however, you can be assured that everything will be handled legally and responsibly. If we can’t get your mobile home back on the road, we’ll recycle every element of it to help other drivers in need.

Use our process for a fast sale!

Selling We Buy Broken Vans your mobile home is a fast and simple process – and once it’s done, you have no further commitments beyond spending the funds we provide. It truly is the fastest and easiest way to move onto the next chapter of your life, whether that’s on or off the road. Complete our contact form to start the process, as an alternative to using the valuation tool.


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