Used Supermarket Vans

Ex-supermarket vans from stores like Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are usually sold at auction when they are being retired from corporate duty. However, these useful vans are often picked up by other small businesses whether it’s for their own food delivery services or to be refitted for another commercial enterprise.

Often in service with a supermarket fleet for at least two years and sustaining a good deal of wear and tear, used supermarket vans in a second-hand market are often far being in good condition.


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How do I receive a fair price?

With some even being damaged beyond repair or requiring a lot of mechanical attention, how can you get a fair price for your used supermarket van?

We buy vans in any condition

Yes, you read that right. We buy former Tesco vans, Asda vans, Sainsbury’s vans and all other former store vans even if they are:

We’re not only looking to pay fair prices for those vans that seem destined only for salvage, scrap or spares. We can also make you an offer on used trade vehicles that are in full working order.

Supermarket vans: all makes and models wanted

Every supermarket has a different preference when it comes to the types of van they use in their fleet and this can change over time depending on the market. As a result, there are dozens of varieties of used vans from medium-sized, refrigerated delivery trucks to compact city vans.

We’re interested in making you an offer on any make and any model, even bespoke and custom fit vans.

From Iveco to Mercedes Benz, Renault to Ford. We will even make you an offer on those models which are no longer being manufactured including LDV. Infact, we will give you a price on any kind of delivery van (even modified ones) in any condition.

Selling used supermarket vans

Used commercial vehicles can be notoriously difficult to sell as they are usually high mileage, come with plenty of scrapes, knocks and bangs. Not only that but by the time they are disposed of from serviceable action they can be of an age when mechanical problems are not only more likely to occur but almost inevitable.

Selling a used supermarket van, particularly one that is damaged or broken, through the classified can be a waste of time. Typical responders to ads like these will offer you scrap value only as they can’t see, or realise, the potential of those vans that can be repaired, broken carefully for parts or used in another way.

So, even when supermarkets like Tesco and Asda no longer want their vans, we do.

Sell a van to us today

Based in Wythall but offering a wider service in the West Midlands and beyond, We Buy Broken Vans can make you a fair and honest offer on your used supermarket van. What’s more, you can get a free valuation using our online tool and we can follow this up with a firm price. If you’d like to discuss selling us your van then email us directly using our online contact form.


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