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Usually part of a fleet management contract, supermarket vans are a popular choice for small business owners looking to buy a cheap van. Asda is one of several stores that has provided online delivery services for more than two decades. As a result, there are thousands of ex-Asda vans in service around the UK, including many that are not in their best condition. Infact, when it comes to resale, these high-mileage workhorses can be hard to shift second-hand.

Asda vans

Like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets, Asda’s online delivery service has taken off in recent decades with many shoppers now opting for home delivery rather than heading in-store. It is estimated that the company operates a fleet of over 1600 vans which are in service for a period of four years. Operating seven days a week and often on the road for 12-14 hours a day, these hard-working vans don’t get a break when they are finally sold at auction. Used supermarket vans are a great way for small businesses to get a delivery vehicle and are snapped up at a good price to continue active service.

Despite scheduled servicing and maintenance taking place overnight when they are owned by the supermarkets, a used Asda van comes to market with high-mileage and several years’ worth of wear and tear.

Mechanical faults with your used Asda van?

With so much active service, it’s little wonder that a second-hand supermarket van can sometimes throw up mechanical faults. Whilst some may be easy and cheap to rectify, others can be uneconomical to repair.

Let’s face it if you were able to pick up a used van for under two grand but find yourself facing a bill that exceeds that then you are more likely to replace your Asda van instead. There are many mechanical faults that can add up to huge repair bills, including problems with:

So, what can you do with your broken Asda van? Sell it privately for spares or repairs? You could, or you could let us make you an offer instead. We buy damaged and broken vans, not only for salvage and scrap (where there is no other alternative) but we can sometimes put the expertise in to bring them back to a roadworthy condition. The bottom line is, we can tailor you a fair price for your used van.

Simple, hassle-free service for all used vans; any condition

We Buy Broken Vans is a specialist buyer for all kinds of used commercial vehicles including MOT failures, insurance write-offs or simply vans that have seen better days. We know we provide a fair market price without the hassle of selling privately.

Ready to sell your used Asda van?

If you want to take advantage of our free, no obligation, valuation service and get a price for your vehicle (valid for seven days) then contact one of our team today. You can email us or text us for further information.


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