Used Sainsburys Vans

Sainsbury’s vans are a common sight on the roads of the UK even after the supermarket retires them from active service. Once the livery has been stripped, these workhorses are sold on to other companies and traders and put back on the road for duty.
Covering many miles and in various states of repair and condition, selling a used Sainsbury’s van comes with a few challenges, particularly if you try to do so privately. So, what’s the alternative?

Ex-Sainsbury’s vans

The second largest supermarket in the UK, Sainsbury’s runs a large fleet of over 3150 delivery vehicles. Operating online grocery shopping since 1997, the company has seen a huge number of vehicles pass through its fleet in the last 20+ years.

Used supermarket vans are often sold second-hand at auction to small and medium-sized businesses looking for cheap vans. Solid workhorses that have been put to constant service over a period of three to four years for companies like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, these vans are high-mileage and can sometimes be far from trouble-free.

Even with the servicing schedules employed by these large corporations, vans of this age and mileage can be prone to costly mechanical faults. Not only that but it is only reasonable to expect them to be scruffy around the edges. So, whilst they can be cheap to buy, they can be expensive to own and difficult to sell.

Got a damaged or broken used Sainsbury’s van to sell?

Even if your ex-supermarket van is damaged or broken, then we can make you an offer to buy it from you. We consider used Sainsbury’s vans in any condition, including:

Even if your van is repairable but the cost is prohibitive then we want to give you a fair market price. We’ll consider any kind of faults or damage from non-starters to vehicles in working order that has just seen better days.

All makes and models considered

Sainsbury’s, like other supermarkets, has a variety of vans in its fleet and the choice of manufacturer has changed over the years. As a result, there are plenty of models of van around including those that have been refitted, restyled and revamped.

From Iveco to Mercedes, we’ll consider them all. Any age, any model, any make any condition. The best part of our service is that, unlike with a private sale, you don’t have to pay for advertising, conduct viewings or put up with chancers who try to barter on the price.

Fair prices with straightforward service

We Buy Broken Vans give you a fast price, valid for seven days, based on some simple information that you provide to us. Like the price? We can set up the sale and arrange a free collection. As long as the van is exactly as you described then we’ll put the money into your account rapidly.


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