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Used Tesco Vans

Ex-supermarket vans are sold after they have reached the end of their life in service for company’s like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda. Often changing hands at auction and put back on the road, these hard-working vans are subject to plenty of wear and tear over the years.
So, when it comes to resale, they don’t always fetch the best price, particularly if they are broken or damaged. Fortunately, you can sell to We Buy Broken Vans, whatever its condition.

Tesco vans

Tesco started its delivery operations with just a single van in North London back in 1997 and the business model was so successful that they now have a fleet of over 2200 vans. Over the last 22 years, tens of thousands of delivery vans have passed through the company and have varied in style, make and model.

Once they reach the end of their designated service life, they are generally sold at auction and are picked up by small business owners or commercial van drivers to continue active duties. Some are simply given a new livery and put to work delivering groceries whilst others are completely overhauled and refitted to perform a new role.

We buy ex-Tesco Vans: all makes and models considered

Just like Asda and Sainsbury’s, Tesco has purchased a huge variety of models of supermarket van over the years including Iveco, Ford, Renault, Mercedes and, with the change in UK legislation to ban the sale of new diesel engine vehicles by 2040, even electric vans.

Here at We Buy Broken Vans, we’ll give you a price on any model used supermarket van even if it’s damaged or broken.

Old, damaged or broken? We’ll buy your used Tesco van

Supermarket vans put in some serious mileage with one report from the Financial Times claiming that that the company’s fleet of distribution vehicles cover enough miles on a daily basis to go around the earth 20 times!

With statistics like that, it’s little wonder that most ex-Tesco vans come with plenty of miles on the clock. After a while, mechanical problems are a fact of life as is some less than perfect bodywork.

Fortunately, if you want to sell your used Tesco van then we don’t care about appearances or what’s under the bonnet. We’ll give you a fair market price, irrespective of condition, even if it’s broken or damaged. Infact, we’ll make an offer on vans, which are:

Even if your delivery van is working and has just seen better days then we are still interested.

Sell your ex-Tesco van today

We Buy Broken Vans is a specialist buyer of second-hand vans in working, repairable, broken or damaged condition. Whilst other buyers can only see simple scrap value, we see the potential of all vans whether it is for salvage, scrap and repairs or, given a bit of TLC and an overhaul, another chapter in its working life.

If you’d like to sell a used Tesco (or other ex-supermarket) van then you can contact us for a price or use our online valuation service to build an offer. Email, text or call us today for your no-obligation, free quote.


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