Used Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Mobility vans and handicap vans are an increasingly common addition to the UK’s roads. Without these vehicles, numerous people would be denied the independence and ability to travel that so many of us take for granted.

Unfortunately, as important as vehicles are, they are no less liable to develop faults than any other van. Sooner or later, a used wheelchair accessible van will cease to function.

Thankfully, We Buy Broken Vans offer a service that will get anybody with a disability back on the road. We buy any kind of vehicle that cannot be used – even it’s ready for the scrapyard.

Whether you’re looking to sell an individual van or an entire fleet, we’re interested. We’ll offer you an enviable price for your vehicle, which can be used for whatever you like – including a replacement. We’ll also make the whole process as convenient as possible for you.

This van is only fit for scrap

Eventually, every van reaches the end of its natural life. This may be through mechanical or engine faults, or because the vehicle was involved in a major traffic accident that made it an insurance write-off.

When this comes, you have two choices; leave the vehicle lying around, taking up a valuable parking space and reminding you of its unsuitability for purpose or selling it for scrap.

Before contacting a private dealer for the latter, consider taking advantage of the scrap service offered by We Buy Broken Vans. If you enter the registration number of your wheelchair accessible van on our homepage, we’ll offer a no-obligation quote. If you’re happy with that, we’ll arrange an inspection on your property and remove the van for you.

We can pay via bank transfer or submit funds to you via PayPal on the day of collection. Our service offers highly competitive pricing and incomparable levels of convenience. If you choose to sell your van to us, we’ll ensure that it’s scrapped with a minimum of impact to you.

Can I keep the ramp to my wheelchair accessible van?

We will more than likely be able to come to an agreement on this. You may wish to keep the ramp from your van, and any other peripherals that have been applied to the vehicle.

This will all be discussed with you when one of our friendly team members conducts the vehicle inspection. Naturally, it may have an impact on the price that we can offer. There is never any obligation to accept our price, though.

Even if you change your mind following an inspection, we’ll shake hands and part as friends. You know how to find us if you change your mind and would like to reconsider at a later date.

What brands of van will you buy?

Any and all! We’ll consider any make and model of van, but we particularly specialise in the following:

Don’t be deterred if your van is not covered in the list above, though. Enter your registration details on our homepage and see what we can do for you.

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