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Used Work Van Buyers

Most of the vans used in the UK market today are used for work of one type or another. Families don’t usually need vans as they don’t fit normal family requirements, apart from maybe minivans. In this article, we explore our role as used work van buyers.

Some examples of work vans we buy

There are many of these types of vans, many of which operate as part of a fleet or have an end of life lease. We can buy your used vans, whatever purpose you have used them for, some of the most popular examples are:

Catering vans

We buy many types of catering vans, these include burger, fish and chip in addition to ice cream vans.

Emergency service vans

Emergency service vans are also popular working vans. We regularly buy ambulances and police vans, which frequently have wheelchair accessible features as examples.

Postal vans

Vans which deliver the mail and parcels are another common form of working van, Royal Mail vans come in various shapes and sizes and we like to buy them all.

Recovery vans

The vehicle roadside recovery vans we see have a hard-working life. We are glad to buy vans which were previously used by the AA, Green Flag and the RAC.

Security vans

There are a wide range of security vans in use, such as CCTV surveillance and cash and valuables transit vans, we are naturally happy to buy these.

Supermarket vans

Many vans also work as supermarket delivery vans. When these become available we are happy to buy vans which were previously used by supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Utility vans

Energy companies (often called utility) also use many vans as a part of their fleets. We are always happy to buy used work vans previously used by British Gas, National Grid, Network Rail and Water Boards.

Buying vans with mechanical faults

Although we buy fully operational working vans, as our name suggests the mainstay of our business is buying used work vans, which are broken and damaged. We will buy your used work van complete with declared faults, including MOT failures and non-runners.

Examples of some of the most common faults we see include – broken cambelts, differential problems, DPF faults, ECU issues, engine management issues, gearbox related, oil pressure issues, fuel injector problems, fuel pump breakages and wiring loom issues.

Used work vans which are written-off? Not a problem

Even if your work van is written off through an accident, or in a fire or flood, it’s not a problem as we buy this category of van regularly. Infact we buy all the categories of insurance write-offs, check our individual pages for more information – Cat C, Cat D, Cat N and Cat S.

In some cases, we buy insurance write-off vans as “end of life” and use them for parts or possibly as salvage or to sell as scrap vans.

Making the sale of vans easy – contact us now!

We have made the process of selling a working van easy, here is how we can be contacted:

  • Landline telephone number – 0121 285 9859
  • Mobile telephone number – 07582 859 859 (message us here too)
  • For full contact information visit our contact page.


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