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Common Van Faults & Mechanical Trouble

Vans with faults, we have seen them all here at We Buy Broken Vans! There is nothing more certain than at some point in its life a van will become beyond economical repair. What can an owner do to sell a van with known faults and mechanical issues? Read this page to learn more about common van faults and how we can help with selling your van.

Common Van Faults

The list of common van problems and faults is almost endless but here we are going to concentrate on ones which are more expensive and may make the van beyond economical repair. Typical faults we see in vans we buy all the time are broken cambelts, faulty differentials, DPF needs replacingECU repairs and remappingengine faultsgearbox faults/replacementoil pressure issuesfuel pump and injector issueswiring loom issues, etc. Whatever the fault you have with your van we can still buy it from you.

Mechanical Problems

Often striking “out of the blue”, mechanical problems can become a real headache for van owners. It’s often difficult to diagnose some van problems and faults as symptoms could relate to a number of different faults. This can mean initial quotes are unreliable and the final price paid is somewhat different (usually higher). Issues such as oil pressureengine faultsECU, etc. are notoriously difficult to diagnose and fix. Why not save a lot of time and effort and sell your van to us with the minimum of fuss and hassle today?

Vans Beyond Economic Cost of Repair

Many of the van problems we have previously discussed unfortunately make vans beyond the economic cost of repair. In some circumstances, it makes sense for the owner to salvage what they can rather than attempt repairs. Sometimes when repairs are undertaken costs spiral due to unforeseen issues and also for owners having major repairs completed another large repair bill may only be just around the corner. In circumstances where a van is beyond economic repair, it makes sense to sell to We Buy Broken Vans and move on with a new van purchase.

Selling a Van with Ongoing Faults and Mechanical Problems

Let’s be honest – ask yourself the question – “Would you want to buy a van with known faults and issues?”. Most people would answer “no” to this question, unless the pricing of the van was favourable. This is why selling vans with known faults is so difficult – people don’t want to buy them! So, van owners face two choices, fix the van problems through repairs and then keep/sell the van or try to sell the van with faults – that’s where we can help here at, We Buy Broken Vans.

We Even Buy Insurance Write-offs

We also buy insurance write-off vans. This can be very helpful for van owners as many will find the offer from insurance companies is all too often below market value, sometimes infact far below its worth.

Here we buy all types of insurance written off vans, including vans which are only worth scrap value. We buy all types of insurance category write-offs including CAT C, CAT D, CAT N and CAT S. We can even buy fire and flood damaged vans! So, what’s stopping you from contacting us today?

Whatever Your Van Problems & Faults Are We Can Help

Selling a van with declared van faults is easier than you think, We Buy Broken Vans are only a phone call away on 0121 285 9859, call us and we will professionally and sensitively manage your enquiry.

We can also be contacted by mobile on 07582 859 859 where you can both phone and/or text us with the details of the van you want to sell. Also, don’t forget our free valuation tool, simply enter your vans reg# and details about your car and receive a free online valuation in minutes.

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