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Sell a Van with a Broken Cambelt

The Importance of cambelts in Vans

Cambelts (also called timing belts and/or timing chains) are critical to van operation and synchronise the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft together. Rotation is timed so that engine valves open and close at the precise times required.

Cambelts need periodic replacement to the manufacturers recommended guidelines, which is most typically between 50,000 – 80,000 miles. The cambelt is the most important maintenance item in a van, failure to replace a cambelt by its recommended replacement time is the most common reason for failure.

Cambelts will and do fail, this is why manufacturers provide recommended guidelines for their replacement. When a cambelt fails the consequences are often “catastrophic” and can be classified as various types of “engine damage”. A cambelt failure most frequently leads to bent valves, camshaft and cylinder head damage are also likely and there may also be damage to pistons and the cylinder wall itself. The problem with a cambelt failure is more concerning the consequences of the failure on the engine than the cambelt itself.

It’s possible that no damage or minimal damage from a cambelt failure could occur, but this is rare. In interference types engines costs can be very high for cambelt repairs, it’s not the cost of the cambelt replacement it’s the consequences of the engine failure which cost money. Repair costs vary considerably and it’s advisable to get repair quotes from at least two garages or a mechanic you know personally. Cambelt repairs take a lot of time, typically 2+ weeks to obtain parts and for repairs.

It’s virtually impossible to sell a van with a broken cambelt except to a mechanic or for scrapping. The excessive costs which can be grouped under “engine damage” make the van unsaleable until the repairs are completed. With costs often being above the economic value of the car it’s often only viable to sell the van to broken van buyers like We Buy Broken Vans.

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