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Mechanical trouble and common faults

Sell a Van with Gearbox Faults

Gearboxes are a major component of any van and therefore a costly item to repair or replace. We understand this here at We Buy Broken Vans as we regularly buy vans with gearbox faults from their owners. If you are in this predicament, don’t worry we can help, we explain all about buying vans with faulty gearboxes below.

Gearbox problems – the Role they Play in Vans

The gearbox is used to change both the torque and speed of vans which will be determined by a range of conditions (e.g. climbing a hill or load weight). There are two main types of gearbox (manual and automatic), functionally they both convert speed into torque and therefore can sometimes be referred to as a “torque converter”. A gearbox can control the van in reverse, neutral and forward gears (typically there are between four to six forward gears).

Common Gearbox Faults

There are many reasons for gearbox failure, but amongst the most common reasons relate to lubrication which causes issues with gears and bearings. Gearbox problems arise where gear oil is either insufficient, is contaminated or the wrong lubricant was used. Insufficiency of lubrication will cause metal upon metal abrasion, whereas a clogged-up oil filter tends to lead to bearing as well as gear tooth damage.

Other gearbox faults include oil leaks, lack of alignment of gears and loose gears. Problems tend to be more complex with automatic gearboxes than manual gearboxes. We will buy both automatic and manual gearbox van models.

Replacement costs – more than you would think

The replacement of a broken gearbox is both costly and takes time. Costs range from around £500 to £6,000+ depending on a range of factors such as:

  • New or second-hand gearbox: Only on new vans would a new gearbox be justified, on vans of 3 years or more, typically it makes sense to install a second-hand gearbox (in good working order)
  • Main agent / independent garage / mechanic: Costs will vary tremendously depending on who does the gearbox repairs
  • Clutch also fitted yes/no: When fitting a new gearbox typically it also makes sense to install a new clutch as many of the costs apply to both procedures
  • Warranty validity: If a warranty is in place, this will be helpful in avoiding costs, this may not cover 100% of costs, but may cover a proportion. It’s always worth checking with your warranty provider

Gearbox Repairs – a costly outlay

Costs of gearbox repairs do vary from model to model. According to data analysis by Warranty Direct, gearbox problems include:

  • Manual gearboxes cost an average of £824 to repair, with 1 in every 180 having a gearbox failure in a year, whereas
  • Automatic gearboxes cost an average of £1070 to repair, with 1 in every 80 having a gearbox failure in a year
  • So manual gearboxes cost less to repair on average and also fail about 45% as often (80/180) as automatic gearboxes.

We Buy Vans with Gearbox Failures Today for Cash!

Trying to sell a van with gearbox failures can be a bit of a horror story. The decision on whether to repair or sell can be agonising, but we are here to help at We Buy Broken Vans. We would always advise seeking an accurate quotation for repairing your gearbox. If the costs make the van beyond economic repair, then you can always speak to us for a cost-effective solution to buy your broken van.

Contacting us is easy – here’s how

Simply call us today on 0121 285 9859 to kickstart the process, we can usually complete the sale within 48 hours. Receive a free online valuation by visiting our valuation tool and entering all your vans details. We can also be called/texted to our mobile, which is 07582 859 859, call us today and sell your van quickly for a fair market price.

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