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Sell a Van with Timing Chain Problems

Do you have a van to sell but perhaps it’s a non-runner or has some faults, well you have come to the right place! We buy all types of vans with all manner of faults, but one we see fairly often are vans with a broken timing chain. If you are in this situation and find you have timing chain failure all is not lost. Yes, your van does still have some value. We can buy your van for a fair price, so read on!

The Role of the Timing Chain in Vans

A timing chain is an essential mechanical component of a van, you will know when this fails as the van suddenly won’t work! The timing chain synchronises the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft together. This rotation ensures that the engine valves open and close at exactly the times required.

A timing chain is expected to last the lifetime of the van, but occasionally they can slip causing catastrophic engine damage in a similar way to which a cambelt would.

Timing Chain Problems

Timing chains perform a similar role to cambelts, but they are subtly different. You may have heard that a timing chain lasts the lifetime of a car and that there is no need to replace them. We can confirm this is a myth as we buy vans with broken timing chains frequently and there is no better proof than this!


Sadly, timing chain failures rarely happen under warranty as they are associated with ageing vehicles with typically a high mileage and lots of use. This in the vast majority of cases causes the van to become beyond economic repair.

The Costs of Repairs

The cost of replacing a timing chain will vary wildly with replacements costing anywhere between £300 – £1000. The cost you will pay will vary on a number of factors, including whether you use a main agent, a local garage or buy the parts yourself and organise for a reliable mechanic to repair.

Replacing the timing chain is only the start of the cost though. With most timing chain failures causing engine failure, the replacement cost of an engine will typically be £2,000+ even if a second-hand engine is bought – as labour costs are still required. It’s for these reasons that a timing chain failure is amongst the most serious faults that a van can develop.

Have You Tried Selling a Van with this Fault?

Would you want to buy a van with a broken timing chain? Almost certainly not is the answer and that is exactly the reason why it is so difficult to sell a van with timing chain problems. Most owners can’t economically afford to repair a van with a broken timing chain because (especially with older vans) timing chain repairs are beyond the economic value of the van. Often the best solution is to sell to a company like ours who break vans with timing chain faults up for spares and/or to repair.

Sometimes an enthusiastic mechanic might try to repair a van with a broken timing chain, but they would certainly be looking to pay a low price for the initial van to maximise their profits!

Timing Chain Failure? – We Can Buy Your Van

Do you have a van with timing chain failure? We can help, as we can buy your van for cash and save you the headache of paying for expensive timing chain replacement and the associated consequential costs.

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