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Sell a Van with Turbo Engine Problems

Selling a van which has turbo engine problems can be a real challenge. After all, who really wants to buy a van with these faults? Well, the answer is We Buy Broken Vans do! We can buy your van with turbo engine repairs and settle within just two to three days. Read our information below about this topic and how easy it is to sell a van with this problem.

Turbo Engines in Vans

The Turbo is a type of engine, which is increasingly popular due in particular to the power they can generate. Many manufacturers have vans with this type of engine, with two popular models being the Ford Transit and Vauxhall Vivaro.

Turbo engines are comprised of two main parts, a compressor and a turbine. All engines need to mix air and fuel to run. Turbo engines simply force more air and more fuel into the cylinder, which is the reason they generate greater power.

Common Problems Encountered

There are many problems which you could encounter, these may show through an engine warning light, smoky exhaust, loss of power and even total engine failure. We have summarised some of the main common turbo problems into a handy list below:

  • Air filter blockage – blocked air filters cause debris such as stones, leaves and other contaminants entering the engine area and causing damage
  • Damaged turbo – this covers a “multitude of sins”, but once a turbo is damaged it will become problematic for the owner, which could show a number of symptoms
  • Lack of oil quality – high-quality oil is needed, which is changed regularly, failure to do this will increase contaminants and damage the engine
  • Low oil level – a lack of oil as with all engines can cause catastrophic turbo engine failure, this could be due to consumption or the presence of leaks
  • Obstructions in exhaust system – although not directly a turbo issue as turbos need gases from exhausts any obstructions in the exhaust system will have a “knock-on effect” and consequences

Costs and Complexity of Repair and Replacement

Turbo repairs will vary enormously, but between £500-£1000 (including labour) can be assumed if you use an independent garage, costs will rise if you use a main agent. This is, of course, assuming that the turbo can be repaired, in many cases the only option is a turbo replacement.

Buying a new turbo is usually out of the question; but may be advisable on newer vans (but these are often under warranty anyway). Second-hand turbos can be bought but choose your garage/mechanic wisely. It’s impossible to advise exactly how much this would cost as there are too many factors between makes/models and also costs depend heavily on who is completing the work.

With any turbo repairs/replacement related parts usually also need replacing, e.g. filters, sump, turbo pipes, vacuum pump, etc.

Sell a Van with Turbo Engine Failure to We Buy Broken Vans

As we have said turbo engine failures are very costly and, in many cases, write a van off due to repairs being uneconomical. If this is your situation, your van still has some value though as we pay fair prices for vans with turbo engine failure.

Sell your van today by calling 0121 285 9859 (landline) or by mobile on 07582 859 859 (where you can send text messages too). Many vans are bought and paid for by us within two days.

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