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What is a Wiring Loom in a Van?

A wiring loom (also sometimes called a wiring harness) is a system of colour-coded electrical insulated conducting wires, which are bound together to form what is called a “wiring loom”. Wires are neatly bundled and hidden out of the way, so they don’t appear in view. In most vans, the wiring loom is divided into sections, so that an entire section can be removed and repaired/replaced as required.

Problems with the wiring loom are thankfully rare. Here is a list of some of the most common wiring loom repairs we have seen:

Modern vans are more electronically controlled than ever. This is causing an ever-increasing number of potential issues with the wiring loom. Tracing a fault within an entire wiring loom system can be very time-consuming, requiring skilled mechanics this process is therefore also very costly.

The requirement here is in the diagnostics, the better the mechanic the quicker the fault will be traced and in theory,, the more localised the repairs will be. Most van manufacturers have localised wiring circuits so that sections of the loom can be repaired.

Wherever possible it’s cheaper to repair:

For many van owners, wiring loom issues are tricky, inconvenient and are the “final straw”. Even if fixed, wiring loom issues could subsequently develop related faults with electrical items such as alarm, coolant pipes, ECU, heater matrix, stereo, etc. With an unknown diagnostic bill and repair costs, many owners turn to a business like ours to sell a van complete with its wiring loom faults.

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