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For many van drivers, putting up with faults is part of daily life. From minor issues to serious concerns, technical troubles can arise at any time.

So, what if you want to sell a van with faults? You might think that this is either impossible or very difficult. You might even assume that it is not even worth it because you will not get much cash for a van that is in a bad state of repair.

Luckily you do have a choice in this respect and there are lots of benefits that come with selling a faulty van to replace it with a more reliable model.

Time is money

The prospect of selling or repairing a faulty van might seem hard to justify from an economic standpoint because you believe that it will not be worth the time and money involved.

However, it is also sensible to factor in the amount of effort you need to put into keeping your current, mechanically compromised van on the road.

From unexpected breakdowns to excessive fuel consumption that costs you more at the pump, there are plenty of ways in which a broken van will be a financial burden.

If you value your time, as any commercial vehicle operator should do, selling a van with faults rather than hanging onto it will be a step in the right direction.

Reliability matters

Ideally, you will want to own a van that starts every time you turn the key, keeps going for mile after mile without issue and lets you run your operations seamlessly without always weighing on your mind.

Meanwhile, if you have a van with a faulty fuel pump, a worn cambelt, a grinding gearbox, a trashy turbocharger or a woeful wiring loom, its reliability will be seriously lacking.

This is not just about making life easier for yourself; it is about preserving the reputation of your business. If customers and clients have to wait because you are delayed by a faulty van or can see that your van is looking worse for wear, they may doubt your abilities in other areas. This is just as relevant in the real world as it is online.

Selling faulty vans is simple

At We Buy Broken Vans, we make it easy for owners of faulty vans to sell their vehicles at a competitive price and then use that cash to invest in a newer, more reliable replacement.

With our online valuation tool, you can quickly see just how much you could get for your van, even if it is giving you grief because of technical flaws. We will then inspect and collect it from you, no matter where you are based in the country.

Get help with selling your van

Let our specialists give assistance if you want to sell a van and buy a reliable replacement by calling 0121 285 9859 landline or 07582 859 859 mobile or by filling out our contact form to receive a response to any query you have via email.


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