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To sell a van quickly you have several options available to you, although not every avenue will be without its pitfalls to take into account.

So, if you want to remove the stress from shifting a second hand van as swiftly as possible, what is the best way to go about it?

Get an online valuation

If you sell a van to a private buyer or head to a dealer to do the deed, you will definitely need to deal with the arduous process of haggling over how much they are willing to pay for it. This is more anxiety-inducing for some than for others, but in either case, it can feel like a waste of time if the price on the table is not right for you.

Using the online van valuation tool offered by We Buy Broken Vans is the perfect antidote to this since you can get a competitive offer for your vehicle in minutes. Furthermore, you can benefit from the fact that this valuation is guaranteed for 7 days, meaning that there will be no unexpected changes that come out of the blue, so long as you accurately describe its condition when getting the offer in the first place.

Get your van collected

In some cases, you will be expected to deliver your used van to its new owner after you agree to a sale. This might not be convenient, or even possible, depending on the state of the van or the location of the buyer.

Once again We Buy Broken Vans can come to the rescue, as we offer free collection of the vans we buy from customers. It does not matter where your van is based either, because we operate nationally, visiting places as far-flung as Edinburgh, Birmingham and London to satisfy the needs of van owners.

Sell a damaged or faulty van to a specialist

Some buyers might steer clear of second hand vans for sale which are listed as having mechanical issues, or those that have been in accidents. Even if offers are made, they may be far from fair if there is something seriously wrong with the van in question, which leads to yet more hassle, haggling and headaches for sellers.

We Buy Broken Vans takes all of these annoyances out of the equation by specialising in buying vans that are lumbered with a wide array of complications. This includes vehicles which have been struck down by ECU errors, gearbox grips and cambelt catastrophes.

Furthermore, there will be no delay in payment when the van is collected, since we can send the cash straight to your bank account. No other way to sell a van quickly will be as convenient or free from holdups.

How to get in touch with us

Now that you know why selling a van to We Buy Broken Vans is the fastest, easiest option out there, you should contact us online or give us a ring on 0121 285 9859 or 07582 859 859.


Image Credit: Ben Fitzgerald-O’Connor