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A common issue when owning a van is when owners can’t afford the repair bill. Often, owners who are saddled with large repair bills struggle to pay them and the only option remaining seems to be to sell off the van. However, the problem is that no one will buy a damaged van. So, how does one go about disposing of such a van?

Damage to your van

Vans can have different faults and problems depending on the age of the vehicle and use. Some of these could be relatively minor – for example, worn out brake shoes, damage to the interior through neglect, window or windscreen issues and other minor scrapes and dents. These are usually repairable without costing a lot of money.

However, when the repair bill is unaffordable, it typically indicates that the damage is significant. Over time key parts of the engine, such as the timing belts, gearbox, camshaft, translation, the pistons and the carburettor could become worn out. Another scenario is that the van has been involved in an accident and has consequential structural damage. In such a case, the van may already have been written off by insurers.

It’s best to get in touch with We Buy Broken Vans – a highly specialised buyer of broken used vans.

Can’t Afford the Repair Bill – Sell to We Buy Broken Vans

Selling your damaged van to We Buy Broken Vans couldn’t be easier. Our website features an online valuation tool, which is very easy to use. You will need to enter the registration number into the free online valuation tool. You will also need to declare the damage to your vehicle in as much detail as possible. This will ensure that you receive a valuation that we guarantee for seven days.

Our office can be reached by calling (0121) 285 9859 and a member of our team will then speak to you over the phone to get additional details about your vehicle. Of course, inspection is an important part of the process, and an assessor would visit you for a complete assessment of your vehicle. Assuming that you declared the condition of your vehicle as accurately as possible, the initial no-obligation quotes that you received would hold good.

If the assessor makes a different assessment of your vehicle, then a fresh quote will be provided. At this point, if we accept your vehicle and you are happy with our quote, then we would have your van picked up for free from any UK location. It usually takes a couple of days for the payment to reach your bank account, and once that’s done the sale is complete. It’s really that simple. Call us today to sell your faulty van easily and get a great deal on it, that you probably couldn’t get anywhere else.

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