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Although we are passionate about repairing vans and getting them back on the road, sometimes this isn’t possible. Many vans reach the end of their life, only to be scrapped. If the van is badly damaged in an accident or appears to be generally in a poor condition, in many cases, the insurance company may write it off. When this happens, the best decision is to sell it for scrap and recover some of the value. We Buy Broken Vans are specialists in this area. We can simply collect your van, that’s ready to be scrapped and offer you a fair market value. Let’s look at the situations where your van may need to be scrapped.

Scrapping your van due to repair costs

If your van has been an accident, it’s likely that the costs of repair may be a lot more than what you or your insurer can pay. Therefore, it could be a sensible decision to scrap the van and scrape out some value for it. Getting in touch with us at this point in time could be a great idea as we could advise you on whether the vehicle should be scrapped or salvaged and offer you a fair price if that’s the outcome.

Different types of scrap vans

An accident or the cost of repair isn’t the only reason why people scrap their vans. Some vans may not be working at all. We encounter different models and makes of vans that are sold as scrap all the time. For example, we often purchase models like the Cabstar and the Primastar amongst Nissan vehicles, as scrap. In the same way, we also buy a range of vehicles with different makes.

Selling a scrap van on your own

You may have to incur the costs of transporting your van to a scrapyard. This can eat into the price you’re receiving for it. Also, chances are you won’t get much for your scrap van anyway, as private buyers will try to pay you as little as possible. Selling your van to us has distinct advantages. We pick up the van at our cost and pay you a decent market price. Most importantly, there are no hassles involved.

Van collection

When you sell your scrap van to We Buy Broken Vans, we collect your van as scrap from any location within mainland UK. Our collection team arrives according to a previously agreed date and time, so it’s convenient for you.

Receiving your payment

We can pay you through a bank transfer or via PayPal. Our online quote is valid for seven days and we will uphold the same, unless there is a discrepancy in the condition of your vehicle, as described by you.

Call We Buy Broken Vans to have your van collected

We provide you with a hassle-free service and your van will usually be collected within 2 to 3 days. We hope that this article has shed light on the most convenient way to dispose of your scrap van. Call us on (0121) 285 9859 to discuss the sale of your van that’s ready to be scrapped.


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons