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In many lines of work, a van is essential. It’s not just about getting from Point A to Point B., You could do that in a Mini if necessary. Small cars cannot meet the same needs as a van, though.

The practicalities of owning a van

You may need to store tools and other equipment or have space to relax and make your own during prolonged waiting times. Have you ever tried to install tea and coffee making facilities in the back of a Hyundai i10? It’s an uncomfortable experience.

Of course, vans are still vehicles though. This means that they are subject to the same flaws and challenges as any traditional car. Eventually, your van may become more trouble than you consider it to be worth. When a garage quotes repairs that greater than the cost of a replacement, it’s time to say goodbye.

Replacing a faulty van – finance is important!

When the time comes to upgrade a faulty van, thoughts will invariably turn to finance. Vehicles, especially those suitable for a busy working professional, do not come cheap. You’ll be making to sell a van with faults, and replace it with a working van.

You have two real options with this.

  • Have the van declared a write-off and arrange for it to be scrapped. Your insurer could do this, with you accepting the financial offer they deem appropriate, or you could sell your van privately to an authorized scrap dealer. Again, you’ll be at the mercy of what they offer
  • Selling your faulty van to We Buy Broken Vans. We will make you a reasonable and realistic financial offer for your van and take care of everything from there. We’ll collect and remove the vehicle from your property, and take care of all legal steps and notifications involving the DVLA

Our service is a great option for all van owners

We genuinely feel that our service is the best option open to anybody looking to upgrade a faulty van. Admittedly, we may be biased. Allow us to explain our reasoning, though – we think that you’ll agree that it’s worth giving us a shot.

  • We will consider purchasing any van, in any condition, with any number of aesthetic or mechanical defects.
  • All we need from you is the registration number of your van and a few minutes of your time for an inspection of the vehicle. We offer a completely hassle-free service that takes care of everything on your behalf.
  • We are completely transparent on pricing. We will not shock with you hidden costs, or suddenly attempt to change our minds when the time comes to collect the vehicle.

If you’re interested in our service, just make use of our free valuation tool. We’ll make a provisional offer for your van, based on its age and condition. If you find this amenable, we’ll visit you for an in-person inspection. We’ll also handle the logistics of removing the van – saving you money on tow trucks and similar services – and arrange a same-day transfer of the agreed funds.

Ease the strain by selling to We Buy Broken Vans

Selling a van with faults and upgrading it to a working van can be a labour-intensive, expensive process. We Buy Broken Vans can ease the pressure on both of those fronts. Give us a try, and see what we can offer you. By making use of our services, you’ll be back on the road before you know it.


Image Credit: Trescott Ford