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Factors which impact van valuation

When selling a used van, valuation is probably the bit that defines the price your vehicle can command. It’s important that you get this part right in order to make a successful sale. There are many ways you can get a proper valuation done. Of course, you can research websites that list old vans for sale and compare the prices for your make, model and year. This can, at best give you a ballpark figure of how much similar vans are going for.

The age of your van and the make and model will certainly have an impact on the price, however, the meat and potatoes of the valuation exercise are the way you’ve maintained your van and its service history.

Condition is key

A well-maintained van is likely to fetch a higher price. That’s a no-brainer. However, even if your vehicle looks well maintained, internal wear and tear can have an impact on the price. Small aberrations can be easily taken care of, for example fixing a broken mirror, headlight or taillight. Often, these spares are available online for next to nothing, while attempting to sell the vehicle without ironing out these minor issues can result in a significant loss of price.

Maintenance history

Preserving the records of the service history of your van is highly recommended as it proves that the vehicle has been well looked after and regularly serviced by professionals. Interested buyers will want to see these papers and can pay you more if they believe that the vehicle has a good service history. If your van has been in an accident, it’s important to declare this at the time of sale. A category C or D insurance write-off (now categories S and N) is likely to fetch a price that’s a lot lower.

A variety of factors

There are other factors likely to have an impact on the final selling price. If you have carried out any modifications, it could impact van valuation. Even the general area can impact the price of your van. For example, locations close to the sea may have salt in the air, which can make your van prone to rusting. Selling your van in an industrial area, where there is a high demand can bolster the price of the vehicle.

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