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Why do Webuyanyvan haggle upon arrival?

Why do Webuyanyvan haggle upon arrival?

Will Webuyanyvan lower my offer and by how much?

Here is our brief guide to how much are going to knock off their online quote, why they do it and where to sell your van to avoid this. 

We are going to touch on how their online valuation works and go over some of your most frequently asked questions.

Let’s have a look at your most asked questions about

  1. Will rip me off?
  2. How much money will Webuyanyvan take off my online quote?
  3. Can you haggle with Webuyanyvan?
  4. What happens to my van after I sell it to Webuyanyvan?
  5. Who actually owns Webuyanyvan?
  6. How does Webuyanyvan make their money?
  7. What are Webuyanyvans reviews like?

1. Will Webuyanyvan Rip Me Off?

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The main thing that people worry about with selling their vehicle to Webuyanyvan is, how much are they going to reduce my online quote once I get there?

So, the real question here is why does webuyanyvan have a reputation for not paying what they quote online?

The main thing to consider here first is, the term “quote”. If we take a look at Webuyanyvan’s actual terms and conditions we can find this:

“An Online Valuation is not an offer by us to purchase the van. It is simply a tool to enable you to estimate the value of your car and the price which we may be willing to pay for it.”

When they say the word “valuation” this actually means a rough estimate price for the vehicle.

Now that we know this, we cannot really be surprised when our initial quote isn’t the final offer we receive for our van.

Why don’t we already know this? Well, that’s down to their level of marketing.

They have developed their online valuation tool for one sole reason, and that is to get you onto their website! If you have a van to sell, and this tool gets you onto their website whilst you’re prepared to sell your vehicle, it has served it’s purpose.

They have only got one chance to peak your interest and get you onto that website. So of course, their initial quote will want to be enticing enough to get you there.

If we’re being completely honest, if their initial quote was lower you probably wouldn’t bother with them in the first place.

Now that we know this is just a marketing tool, we can do some research and decide whether it’s worth getting our rough “estimate” and taking a hit on our final figure. Or, if we can go elsewhere and get a fair valuation in the first place.

2. How Much Do Webuyanyvan Take Off My Online Quote?

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Well, how much money are webuyanyvan actually going to to take off my online quote? Now that we know our initial quote is just an enticing estimate for our van, we can start to look at what will de-value our vehicle when we get there.

Trying to figure this out is a little frustrating, that’s because we need to find out how the online computerised quote works.

First of all, until we actually confirm for an appointment, we don’t really know whether the offer we have been given is a high or low offer to start with.

Once you’re at you’re appointment, the staff will decide whether the computer quote was too high or too low. So you need to be prepared for a haggle here, they are going to find any justifiable reason to knock money off that initial figure.

We already know that any used vehicle is going to need some sort of work to it in order to sell at a dealership standard. Not a lot of people will sell their vehicle after just having some bodywork repaired, new tyres fitted etc. So we can assume these will all be reasons they use to knock our quote down.

Many of our customers have come to us after visiting their appointment at webuyanyvan, and have even claimed to have had more than £1500 reduced from their initial quote just due to a “changing market”.

If you’ve already received a fair quote straight from a competitor, which is around the same price as your new reduced webuyanyvan offer, then you’re most likely going to take webuyanyvan’s offer as you are already there.

Now you can understand how their marketing works, how their online offer brings you in and how they knock you down. You can see how these all work hand in hand.

So who is really losing out here?

The people who are losing out here aside from yourself, are the independent van buying companies who are trying their best to compete against the giant corporation that is webuyanyvan and those alike even though we all end up at the same final figure.

More often than not, webuyanyvan will even offer you less than the independent van buyer and people will still accept it! Why is this?

We know that this is because webuyanyvan have used the odd scratch, mark and other minor issues to reduce the final offer. This leads you to believe that their competitors would have offered you the same price anway, however you would be wrong.

See how much will offer you for your van here

3. Can You Haggle With Webuyanyvan?


Is it possible to negotiate my final figure?

Firstly, you can’t exactly argue with a computerised quote! But, when you do make an appointment and get down to them, can you argue the offer then?

Now, with the reasons they give you being valid such as damaged alloys etc. then of course, you can go away and repair these problems in the chance of increasing your final figure. But then you would expect these repairs to be reflected in your final figure, however webuyanyvan will only hold your initial quote for 4 days giving you a time limit before the quote is completely changed.

4. What Happens to my Van After I Sell it to Webuyanyvan? 

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Plain and simply, it goes to a vehicle auction

Webuyanyvan will send your vehicle to BCA (British Car Auctions) and then proceed to sell them back to dealerships.

So that raises the question, why don’t I just sell my van straight to a dealership?

Well, this would be difficult. The reason being that in a dealership the salesmen are professionals, they know everything there is to know about their vehicles and especially how to negotiate a price down once you are there. So inevitably, you end up back at Webuyanyvan.

You could just go to an excellent independent van buying company such as and receive that fair quote from the get go.

5. Who Actually Owns “Webuyanyvan” Anyway?

Webuyanyvan is owned by the same group that owns British Car Auctions, one of the UK’s largest vehicle auction companies.

6. How Does Webuyanyvan Make Their Money?

How exactly does webuyanyvan make their money?

Well first of all, they charge you an administration fee for buying your vehicle and then after this they receive a percentage of the profit once the vehicle is closed at auction.

7. WeBuyAnyVan Reviews

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As it currently stands, on Trustpilot Webuyanyvan sits at a 4.7 average. If you look through their reviews you will see a mixture of people who were happy with their figure and those that weren’t. Now, what most of the reviews do say is that the figure is lower than what they were initially told and that they were knocked down considerably once at their appointment. However, Webuyanyvan’s most consistent reply is that you as a customer do not have to accept this figure and can go elsewhere.

So now you know, that’s how Webuyanyvan operate. So why not use an independent van buyer like and get a fair valuation from the start? No messing around, just a straight hassle-free sale.

Now, let’s get you a fair valuation.