Berlingo Turbo

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Berlingo Turbo

The Berlingo Turbo is a turbocharged version of the popular Berlingo SUV from Citroen. It features a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing up to 200bhp and is designed to offer a more powerful performance than the standard Berlingo. However, it has come with a few issues, which may be worth considering before buying.

The first issue is that the Turbo is quite expensive compared to the standard Berlingo, making it a pricey option. It’s also quite thirsty, with some owners complaining of poor fuel economy. This could be a problem if you plan to use the Turbo for longer trips.

Another issue is that the Turbo has been known to suffer from reliability problems, with some owners reporting that the engine has had to be replaced. Additionally, the Turbo has been known to suffer from turbo lag, which is when there is a delay in the engine responding to acceleration. This can be a bit jarring for some drivers, but it can be managed with some practice.

Finally, the Turbo has been known to suffer from poor build quality. Some owners have reported that the interior has suffered from rattles and squeaks, as well as various other problems.

All in all, the Berlingo Turbo is a powerful and capable vehicle, but it comes with a few issues that might be worth considering before buying. Its price tag and poor build quality could be a deal-breaker for some

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Berlingo Turbo

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Berlingo Turbo

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