Differential Problems

The differential is one of those parts, which you don’t ever really notice or pay any attention to until it fails! The differential uses specialised gear systems which enables two wheels connected on the same axle to turn/rotate at differing speeds. When a car is driving in a straight direction, both wheels will spin at the same speed, it’s only on corners that the differential plays its part and is such is a critical van component. The differential is one of those parts that you don’t really notice until it fails and when that happens you really notice!


Sell a Van with a Broken Differential

Diagnosing differential failure can be challenging and requires experienced mechanical expertise as problems experienced could potentially be other issues and not related to the differential. Typically, differential problems are associated with sounds and vibrations. If you are experiencing whirring sounds when accelerating, whining sounds when decelerating, clanking and banging sounds (particularly on corners) then you may have a broken differential. Vibrations and rumbling of the steering wheel are also another tell-tale sign.

Differential issues are usually preventable as they usually relate to lubrication problems where gear oil has not been changed for an excessive period. When the damage is done the costs of repair can be excessive and mount up. Typical associated repairs include replacing oil seals, differential gaskets, backlash adjustment, repair labour, large-scale differential dismantling, replacement gear oil (typically three litres), etc. Costs will vary according to severity but are upwards of £300 and can easily run to £1,000+, which in many cases will render the van beyond economic repair. Only relatively new vans can justify outlays of £1,000+.

A van with a faulty differential just can’t be safely driven. In older van models particularly, the repair/scrap equation tends to lean to scrap. Often differential repair bills escalate as it’s hard from the outset for garages to provide an absolute fixed price. Why take the risk of an escalating differential repair bill for your van when you can sell to We Buy Broken Vans today? We use the word escalating as these repairs are notoriously difficult to estimate from the outset and invariably rise during the repair process.

Sell Your Van to We Buy Broken Vans Today

There’s no doubt about it that if you have a van with a faulty differential you either have to fix or sell. Vans needing differential repairs can’t be driven and with the cost of repair being expensive many van owners are turning to We Buy Broken Vans to help solve the problem.

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