Fuel Pump Problems

The fuel pump gives its use away by its name! The fuel pump’s role is to inject a precise amount of fuel into individual cylinders. The fuel filter should prevent sediment from penetrating inside the fuel pump. The fuel pump performs a simple but very important role in the operation of any van.


Sell a Van with a Damaged Fuel Pump

Blocked fuel pumps and mechanical failure due to “wear and tear” are some of the main problems associated with fuel pumps. Prevention is much better than cure, so a relatively low-cost item to replace regularly is the fuel filter. If this gets blocked it will fail to prevent contaminants such as dirt, grime, grease and rust from damaging the fuel pump.

There are numerous signs to look for, which point to a damaged fuel pump. The first is ignition problems, a fuel pump which is heavily blocked will eventually cause the car not to start due to fuel not reaching the engine. Another classic sign is a spluttering engine, which is where the van splutters or is jerky, particularly when driving at higher speeds. Vans with damaged fuel pumps will often experience a loss of power, particularly whilst accelerating. Fuel pump repairs may be needed due to wear and tear issues, which may cause engine surges on occasions due to varying amounts of fuel being dispersed.

As with most mechanical jobs, the cost of replacing a fuel pump will vary depending on the van you own, a typical cost of replacement can easily vary from £200 – £700. Different manufacturers will have alternative set-ups and different parts which need replacing along with the fuel pump.

Costs will also vary according to whether you use a main dealer, independent garage or your own mechanic. Although fuel pump failures don’t usually cause the same consequential costs as seen with cambelt and timing chain failures there are some. Garages will always replace the fuel filter when replacing the fuel pump, sensors may need changing on occasions as may other parts too. The costs certainly can mount up!

We Buy Broken Vans – Buying Vans with Fuel Pump Failures

You may decide you want to repair your van with a broken fuel pump, but if it all seems like too much hassle we are here to help. Perhaps you want to buy a new van? Or a fuel pump problem is the “final straw” with your van, we can help. If you want to dispose of your van, we are here!

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