Oil Pressure Problems

Most drivers will be aware of the oil pressure warning light, this is a warning to drivers of lost oil pressure and that it is dangerous to continue driving.

Owners experiencing this sign should pull over, turn off the engine and immediately check the level of engine oil with the dipstick. Although a usual problem is low pressure, but sometimes high pressure levels also arise, and these are also problematic.


Reasons for low pressure levels

The oil level may have been low due to consumption, an oil leak, low viscosity, a worn oil pump or other related issues. With quick action, some owners may be able to restore their van to full health, but ignorance will lead many owners to have catastrophic damage to engines and their vans being written off through being beyond economical repair.

Causes of Oil Pressure Problems

There are many reasons for experiencing oil pressure problems, we have summarised some of these in the list below:

  • Air in the oil – if air gets in the oil it will become thin and affect oil pressure
  • Blocked oil filter – a blocked oil filter will restrict the flow of oil and impact oil pressure
  • Dirty oil – if the oil is contaminated with dirt/grime this will impact oil pressure
  • Faulty warning light – although alarming if this displays it’s the cheapest of the faults to get fixed, but still requires a mechanic’s intervention!
  • Oil leaks – leaks of oil (depending on where they arise) may cause oil pressure problems
  • Worn engine bearings – these can produce less oil pressure and flow to the engine
  • Worn fuel pump – a worn fuel pump will impact the flow of fuel to the engine

The Costs of Fixing Related Issues

As can be seen from the list of problems above the cost is very variable, it all depends on the fault which is causing the oil pressure issues and also the cost of sequential damage.

Servicing of a van could resolve the problem through replacing an oil filter and dirty/aerated oil. Bearing repairs are usually straightforward, whereas oil leaks range from simple to quite complex to resolve. If your fuel pump needs replacing this can be quite costly, see our separate page on this topic.

Most importantly, if you have experienced consequential engine damage the costs can be prohibitive, maybe engine repairs or entire replacement are needed. In the case of a new engine being needed, this usually results in the van needing to be written off.

Sell a Van with Oil Pressure Faults

We Buy Broken Vans are happy to buy vans with declared oil pressure faults and do on a regular basis. We can both repair these vans or perhaps scrap them for parts, but whatever we can re-use your van for some purpose, which is also environmentally friendly.

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So why delay contacting us? We are just a phone call away on 0121 285 9859 or can be called/texted at 07582 859 859. Receive the money you need by selling your van with oil pressure faults today. We can collect your van from anywhere within the UK mainland, which means it couldn’t be easier to conveniently sell your van.

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