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Whether it’s old or new or even broken we buy every type of van.

I really wish I could sell my van, quickly… Hold that thought and type your used van’s registration plate into our free online value checker. If you’re free today, you could have your van sold, collected and paid for by sun-down. Don’t believe it? Give us a go – you’re going to be very happy. 

We will come and pick up your van at any location. We’re happy to travel from Here-ford to there-ford to give you cash for your van! Kington, Leominster, Ross-on-Wye – in the heart of the city center or in a country-side setting on the outskirts – our recovery team is ready to go!

Why sell your van in Hereford to We Buy Broken Vans?

  • We eliminate the hassle from selling your van. Yes, you could set up lots of adverts, and take calls from potential buyers, and wait for them to show up to view over a period of weeks – but you’ve got better things to do, right? Get a quick quote from us, click to accept and your van is sold in minutes!
  • We don’t just buy broken vans: we’ll purchase any van, whatever condition it might be in. Could be a rattly Iveco with decades on the clock, or a nearly-new Vauxhall Vivaro – we’re happy to quote for it. Don’t worry about the condition either – we’ll buy any van, even a write-off.
  • We drive out to customers across Hereford. As we’ve already said, you’ve got better things to do than waste time on selling your van. So to save you a journey, we’ll drive our recovery vehicle over to you.
  • You can have your van sold and collected within the hour. At the risk of sounding like a broken record – you’ve got better things to do. If you’re available today we’ll aim to collect your van within an hour and pay you promptly too. If you’re not available today then we’ll turn up on a day and time of your choosing. 

How it works

3 easy steps


Agree A Fair Value

We don’t short-change customers. We give you a quote that reflects what your van is worth, simply by asking a few questions about it such as condition, age and mileage.


No-Quibble Collection

We’ll show up at a pre-agreed time, which can be in the hour if that works for you. When you sell to us, you avoid the nonsense you get from private buyers.


Instant Payment

When we collect your old van, we will wire your new funds to you straight away!

Let’s have a chat to see how we can help!