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Buy Damaged Cars

Nobody wants to own a damaged car. A common reason is following an accident, some of which are insured and some which are not. Selling such a car can be a real problem, but we are only at the other end of a phone and our valuation tool can be completed in a few minutes. Sell your damaged car now.

Sell your accident damaged cars in just a few days

Damaged cars are still very valuable. We can buy your damaged car typically for reasons such as fixing and resale, for scrapping, for salvage and also for parts cannibalisation.

The process starts by completing our valuation tool. Enter all of the required condition information and within just a few minutes we will have all we need to value your car.

There are many reasons to sell your damaged car, here are just three of them:

Scrap cars eagerly sought

Had an accident? Sell to us

Speedy payment for your damaged car

Let us help you solve a big problem

Damaged cars can be very problematic to sell, read more details below:

Who wants to buy a damaged car?

It’s an age-old question, ask yourself “would you want to buy a damaged car?” It goes against human nature as we seek perfection and want to buy a car, which works. This is what makes damaged cars so difficult to sell.

It’s difficult to sell to another private individual as they don’t have the skills to effect repairs. Most mechanics or garages will only make a low offer, as they will want to maximise their profits upon resale.

The good news is that we will buy your damaged car and will provide an attractive price too, so don’t hesitate to complete our valuation tool.

How can I sell non-insured accident damaged cars?

We see many examples of cars, where the owner has an accident and isn’t insured. The most likely example is if the driver is third-party insurance covered only. Often in these circumstances, they will have money to repair the other parties’ car (through insurance) but won’t have funds themselves. In cases like this, it makes sense to sell the car to us and we will give you its value prior to repairs.

Occasionally insurance companies will refuse to pay for repairs citing that it’s normal “wear and tear”. This will mean owners will need to pay for repairs even though they were accidentally caused. Again, we will buy these cars.

We have bought cars where the owner failed to insure altogether. Whilst we would never recommend driving without insurance, if you do want to sell a car damaged like this please get in touch.

If you hit a pothole the wrong way this again can cause a surprising amount of damage. Sometimes the costs can be excessive to repair suspension in particular. In such cases, it can make sense to sell to us.

Sell damaged cars by contacting us

Whatever the reason for the damage to your car, we can help. Don’t worry or stress, our second hand car buying service will buy your used car rapidly from anywhere in the mainland UK.

We Buy Broken Vans understand some owners may be dubious, but why not put us to the test? Owning a damaged car is a tricky situation, we understand that. We are in business to buy this type of car – very often we buy cars that nobody else will buy.

To clarify any aspects of our service contact us now on 0121 7941 899 (landline) or 07582 859 859 (mobile). You have a lot to gain and little to lose. Complete our contact form at this link.

Have a question? Visit our FAQs page for help or contact our team

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Why sell your broken van to us?

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