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We Buy Broken Vans are specialist buyers of all makes of vans, potentially buying any van from 2001 onwards. On this page we illustrate just some of the makes and models of vans we buy, sell to us for a fast, pain free service designed for the convenience of the buyer. 














We Buy Broken Vans – Buying a Wide Range of Vans Today

If you have a van to sell do not hesitate to contact We Buy Broken Vans today. We buy a large selection of vans for scrapbreakdown for parts and spares, repairing and other purposes.

We buy many types of vans including ex-fleet, ex-emergency service, ex-catering and ex-supermarket models.

Contact us now with your van details, by completing our van valuation tool, here are three reasons to sell to We Buy Broken Vans:

The best way to sell a broken van infographic

An infographic displays information in a stunning visual format. This enables the reader to digest large amounts of information in an easy to digest format. Why not quickly read through our infographic and learn some great tips about how to sell a broken van? These tips are also mentioned elsewhere on this page in case you prefer to read plain text!

The Best Way to Sell a Broken Van Infographic
The Best Way to Sell a Broken Van Infographic

We hope you enjoyed our infographic. This is one of a series, so be sure to look back for others, which will appear on the site in the future.

Listed below are some of the most popular makes and models of vans we buy:

Don’t worry if your van isn’t listed above, we buy other vans too, it’s just impractical to list all of them here.

Some reasons you might want to sell your van

There are many reasons why an owner may wish to sell a broken van. A few of these are listed below:

  1. Alternative van available – another van suited to the owner’s needs may have become available
  2. Beyond economic repair – costs of repairing the van exceed its current valuation
  3. Doesn’t meet needs – no longer meets the need of the owner (e.g. too large or small), may not have enough storage space, etc.
  4. Emotional baggage – various emotional reasons that mean the owner wants to sell the van, e.g. owner had an accident in the van
  5. Funds available – the owner may have funds available to buy a better more reliable van
  6. Funds needed – the owner may need to obtain quick funds by selling the van
  7. Need reliable transport – the need for more reliable transport, for business / private use
  8. Uncertain future costs – uncertain future costs; owner sells to avoid unanticipated costs

Our service is the best way to sell a broken van today

So, do you have a damaged van to sell? Well if you do, what are you waiting for? We are just a phone call away; you can sell that problem van and move on with your life! We even buy CAT CCAT D, CAT N and CAT S insurance write-offs, whatever your situation it’s worth giving us a call to discuss, as most times we can help.

Contact We Buy Broken Vans today for a quick sale!

We are regular buyers of a wide variety of vans, we can guarantee speedy settlement and an honest price for your van, irrespective of if it has faults. Call us today on 0121 285 9859 to start discussions. We can also be contacted via our mobile on 07582 859 859, please feel free to text us on this mobile too.


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