Sell your Nissan Primastar

Is your Nissan Primastar faulty and you’re concerned about the cost to fix it? Perhaps it’s accident-damaged and better suited to scrap? Whatever state your van is in, our free valuation tool is designed to help you weigh up your options. Avoid the stress and hassle of a private seller or a trip down the scrapyard with our market-competitive rates and our free pick-up. We make it as easy as pie to sell your van. 


How does selling my van work?

3 easy steps


Agree a fair value.

Input your van’s registration information and answer a couple of questions about its condition and we’ll let you know instantly (and for free!) how much your used Nissan Primastar van is worth - even if it’s a fleet or commercial vehicle.


No-quibble collection.

We collect from your home, so you don’t need to worry about moving a non-starting van or even getting off your sofa. Our recovery team will be at your door at a time that suits you


Instant payment.

You’ll be paid immediately when our team gets to you - we want to make this process as fast, efficient and convenient as possible, after all. They’ll then load up the van and be off and away. So put your feet up and relax.

Is it worth selling your Nissan Primastar van? 

Nissan Primastar vans are generally popular amongst their owners who typically keep them for many years. As the van grows older, however, a number of Nissan Primastar faults tend to arise, and it can become expensive to find the necessary parts or often even to diagnose the problem. 

We’re experts in fixing vans, which is why we buy used Nissan Primastar vans in every condition and are well placed to advise on when it’s worth throwing the towel in and accepting that your van is going to soon become too costly to fix. Not convinced? Read about some of the most common issues we’ve seen in Nissan Primastar vans and how you can go about repairing them. 


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