Sell my Suzuki Jimny

Are you faced with a long list of Suzuki Jimny faults that are too expensive to fix? Maybe you wish your van could be fixed without any hassle? No matter what condition your van is in, we’re keen to buy it. We are experts in fixing damage and solving faults, so if your van has passed it, keep reading for more information on selling your van with us.


How does selling my van work?

3 easy steps


Agree a fair value.

We use your registration plate information to give us the basics about your van and then you fill us in on the rest. Suspension issues? No trouble, just tell us all we need to know. Issues braking when you reach high speeds? Sure, tell us that too. When you’ve given us the lowdown, you’ll get a quote straight to your inbox. Easy-peasy.


No-quibble collection

So, we’ve given you a price and you’re happy with it. The next step is to arrange a pick-up. There’s no need to worry, we will come straight to you. We will be in contact to set a time that is suitable for our recovery team to pick your van up.


Instant payment.

In line with us making this process as simple as possible, we like to make sure the payment process is easy too. Once we have your van, you’ll receive instant payment. No messing, no delay, just straight up cash.

Is it worth selling your Suzuki Jimny? 

Although this van is known for its reliability, the Jimny can be struck down by various mechanical failures. At this point, it is often easier to just sell up. If it’s just out of warranty or also showing some worrying signs, it may well be financially worth it to throw the towel in now and use the cash you get from selling your Jimny as a down payment on a new one. 

Still keen to cling on to your van? We understand that feeling, but if your Jimny is riddled with problems it might be best to say bye bye. Still need a little convincing? Have a look below.


Let’s have a chat to see how we can help!