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Looking to sell your cranes and cherry pickers? With too much use, you’ll see them move slower and offer less stability on each job. Regular maintenance can help but what if you need something bigger, or longer, than you have available. Upgrading to a newer, more suitable model might be the best option.

Get a Fair Price on Your Cranes and Cherry Pickers

Selling your crane or cherry pickers doesn’t have to be difficult. You can spend time looking for buyers and haggling over price, but chances are you won’t get the quote you’re looking for. Using our free online van valuation service gives you a quick, honest quote that you can act on.

What is a Crane or Cherry Picker?

A crane is used for lifting objects to great heights, or bringing them to lower levels. Often seen on construction or labour sites, they allow materials to be moved quickly, keeping the work moving smoothly. Cherry pickers don’t always have the range of cranes but are safer for people to use. When a job requires someone to be somewhere without a stable platform, cherry pickers are the answer.

These vehicles have a lot of uses, but you need to have the space to plant them before use – as well as being able to transport them. Some are attached to vehicles while others need separate transportation.

How to sell your Cranes and Cherry Pickers

3 easy steps


Agree a fair value.

Simply drop your vehicle’s registration plate number into our valuation tool and you’ll get a quote. There’s no obligation to proceed, but we pride ourselves on honest, fair valuations.


No hassle collection.

Once agreed, we’ll come to you. We’ll work around your plans and schedule to make it easier.


Instant payment.

Upon arrival, we transfer the funds to your account. Our recovery team will load your cranes and cherry pickers and be on our way. Simple as that.

Learn More about Selling Your Cranes and Cherry Pickers

Save yourself time and hassle by selling your cranes and cherry pickers to We Buy Broken Vans. Our van valuation tool is fast, avoids haggling and lets you make an informed choice without hunting for private buyers or checking local scrap yards.

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