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Is it time to sell your freezer van? Is it not as cool as it once was? Are you spending too much on repairs? We Buy Broken Vans will help by taking it off your hands and helping you invest in a replacement vehicle to keep you on the road and finishing jobs as often as possible.

Get a Fair Price on Your Freezer Van

Once you’ve decided to sell your freezer van, you can then start looking at your options. Local buyers and scrap yards are one way to go – but the haggling will often make you settle on a lower price than you’d like. Instead try our free, online van valuation tool for a no obligation quote and then make a choice.

What is a Freezer Van?

A freezer van is a vehicle with a temperature-controlled compartment. It allows the transportation of goods that need to be kept at low temperatures, such as food or liquid, to ensure it doesn’t spoil or lose value while on the road.

These vans are built for a lot of use but without regular maintenance, they will lose some effectiveness. This matters for two reasons; first is the driving suitability, making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently, but also making sure the freezer compartment is up to the right standard and there are no leaks affecting the temperature regulation.

How to sell your Freezer Van

3 easy steps


Agree a fair value.

It starts with entering your freezer van’s reg plate number into our van valuation tool and getting a free quote in just a few minutes.


No hassle collection.

Once agreed, we’ll arrange a time to turn up and collect your vehicle. There’s no fuss or worrying about getting it to us and making your own way home that way.


Instant payment.

Once we arrive, you’ll get your payment. Our recovery team will load up your van on to our truck and be on our way while you sit back and plan your next move.

Learn More about Selling Your Freezer Van

We Buy Broken Vans are the best option for when you want to sell your freezer van. It doesn’t matter what state it’s in, we’ll take them all and give you a fair price. It’s a simple process and you can move on to find a new vehicle straight away.

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