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Are you looking to sell your new van? Got a model that’s not working as you thought it would and want to try something different? When returns aren’t an option, We Buy Broken Vans are the best option to make sure you get a good price to invest in a model that will really help you move forward.

Get a Fair Price on Your New Van

Change isn’t always easy, especially when it’s a new van you need to replace. There could be many reasons why it hasn’t but making the decision to sell your new van is the first step. We have a free online van valuation tool that’ll give you a fair, honest quote in just a few minutes so you know what to expect.

What is a New Van?

A new van is, unsurprisingly, a van you’ve bought recently! It might be fresh off the manufacturer line with brand new parts and no signs of wear and tear that comes with time, but it also might be a van that is new to you, even if it’s been used before.

We always hope for the best when purchasing anything, from vans to phones to TVs and anything else, but sometimes they don’t work as expected, or do the things they thought we would. Trying to force it to work is fine, but that’s only going to get you so far. Once you’ve worked out what you need, it’s better to sell up and invest in a model that’s going to be easier to work with.

How to sell your New Van

3 easy steps


Agree a fair value.

It starts with our van valuation calculator. Enter your vehicle’s registration number into the tool and get a quote.


No hassle collection.

Once you agree to the price, we’ll find a time to collect your van. We’ll work around your schedule and plans to make it easier.


Instant payment.

We turn up, pay you and take your van. It’s that simple, and our experienced team gets on with the job quickly. You can sit back with a cuppa and get on with your day.

Learn More about Selling Your New Van

We’ve worked hard to make sure selling your new van is simple and hassle-free. There’s no haggling or searching for local buyers. It’s just one tool and a fair quote – and you there’s no obligation from using it.

If you’d like to know more about selling your new van and what we can do to make the process as easy and quick as possible, contact our team today.

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