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Ex Government Van Buyers

One of our biggest specialities is ex-government vans. Whether your vehicle is a council van that no longer serves its purpose, a utility van for the water, gas company or electricity board, or even a van that belonged to the National Grid, we’ll find a function for it.

By selling your van to We Buy Broken Vans, it will no longer take up space on your property, while also ensuring that you’ll be financially compensated. What’s more, you can be assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment. We take an ethical approach to our industry very seriously and act accordingly.

This government van is a non-starter, it’s no use to anybody

Maybe not – but why not let us be the judge of that? Our team of experienced and skilled technicians and mechanics have been known to pull off all manner of unexpected feats. That’s not to criticise the work of any other mechanic that has worked on your van. We just happen to specialise in broken vehicles.

We’re not claiming to be miracle workers. There is every chance that we will be every bit at unsuccessful at getting the van back on the road as anybody else. If that’s the case, we’ll find another use for your former government van. This could be harvesting for parts or scrapping it entirely.

I was planning to utilise the government’s own scrapping scheme

That’s a great intention. We should all be doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, after all. We just hope that you’ll consider giving us the opportunity to buy your van before making this decision.

There are numerous benefits to you asking We Buy Broken Vans for a quote. Firstly, there’s the obvious – we’ll pay you. This means that you can place these funds toward financing a replacement. It may not buy a new vehicle outright, but every little helps.

In addition, we can minimise any disruption to you. We’ll arrange to pick up your van, so you don’t need to worry about how you’ll get it on the road. Just pop your registration number on our home page. Within three working days, you’ll have money in your pocket and the non-running van off your property.

Are you sure you’ll take an ethical approach to dealing with my van?

We entirely understand why you may be concerned, but you can rest assured that we apply an ethical approach to all of our dealings. Yes, we are a business, and as a result, there is a financial element to what we do. All the same, if we don’t act appropriately, we would not be permitted to continue trading.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, so if you have any questions at all, just ask. If you accept our initial valuation, one of our friendly team will visit you to inspect the van at your convenience. While they’re doing so, they’ll be able to advise on any provisional plans for your vehicle.

Conscious consumers – sell to us

More and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscientious, and that may be why you are looking to move on from your decommissioned government van. Such concerns are every bit as important to us, and we’ll endeavour to assure you that you’re making a principled decision by selling to us. Complete our contact form to start discussions.



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