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Used Camper Van Buyers

Second hand camper vans are just one of the many varieties of vehicles that we will make you an offer for here at We Buy Broken Vans. Whether your used van has gasped its last or you simply want to get rid of a working van with no hassle, we can help.

Camper vans explained

The popularity of these vans really began to take off around 50 years ago, with manufacturers like Volkswagen, Fiat and Citroen adapting their commercial vehicle platforms to accommodate a lifestyle-oriented approach to motoring.

Today many of the same brands make modern versions, designed to give people the freedom to travel anywhere by road and take their accommodation with them, with no need to fiddle around with tent poles, canvas or inconvenient inflatable mattresses.

The definition of this type of van can be stretched to include a surprisingly wide variety of vehicles, kicking off with adapted people carriers, rising to overhauled LCVs and extending right up to full sized motor homes which are custom made for unfettered travel.

Models available

In the modern world, these vans have remained relevant, even if they are more of a niche market. Models like the VW California, which is an adaptation of the Transporter van, are able to claim an impressive lineage and offer lots of cutting edge features, even if they still serve the same core purpose as their classic counterparts.

Whichever type of used camper van you want to sell, We Buy Broken Vans will be able to give you a good price and also ensure that you do not have to deal with any of the more complex and time-consuming aspects of the process.

Benefits of selling to us

There are plenty of perks associated with selling a used camper van to us, first and foremost of which is the fact we will make an offer on almost any used vehicle in this category. That includes vans which may have been written off in an accident, vans which have suffered serious faults and so no longer run, vans which are too expensive to repair and vans which are in working order but no longer needed.

When we buy vans, we will be able to make use of them in several ways. We can either fix them up for resale, pass them on to a dealer who is in the market for a given vehicle, break them down to salvage the parts for scrap and generally make sure that they are dealt with sustainably as well as efficiently.

Get a valuation today

You can find out the value of your van right here on our site, with our tool allowing you to enter your registration and get a quick quote.

We only buy vans made from 2001 onwards, so bear this in mind before you put in your details to avoid disappointment.

Ask us anything

You can call 0121 285 9859 or email us if you want to ask a question, get advice or request any other details about our used camper van buying service.


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Why sell your broken van to us?

Do you have a van to sell? But you want a fair price, no hassle and quick payment? Then you have come to the right place!

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