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Catering vans come in all shapes and sizes providing a whole range of hot and cold food on the go to the general public. Attending events up and down the country, these are hard working vehicles that put in some serious miles. It’s no surprise that used catering vans come with more than the average amount on the speedo and take a few dings along the way. All of this can add up to a depreciated market value, particularly if they are unroadworthy or broken. If you are thinking of selling a used catering van then why not consider us?

We buy fish and chip vans

A staple of the British takeaway food industry, fish and chip vans are a common sight at festivals and other outside events. They come in a diverse range of vehicle types and can be compact food trucks or bespoke low-loaders. Due to the nature of their business, they can be prone to fire, as well as the usual accidental or malicious damage. Of course, all working vans that have been around for a few years can also suffer from the usual wear and tear as well as mechanical problems.

We buy burger vans

Burger vans, just like any mobile hot food catering service, are another vehicle that can be subject to fire damage as well as vandalism. They work just as hard as any other mobile food business and, with age, can suffer mechanically and cosmetically.

We buy ice cream vans

Often purchased as a speciality vehicle, ice cream vans are another mobile catering service that can put some serious miles on the clock. They can be seen cruising residential areas at low speeds as well as travelling great distances to attend events, this can put a lot of wear and tear on the engine and other mechanical components.

We buy food trucks

The bottom line is, we buy any kind of catering van whether it’s been used to serve baked potatoes or baltis, vegetarian falafels or hog roast. As long as it’s a used van, we’re interested.

Any age, any condition, any model

Not only are we interested in simply buying used vans, but we also buy vans that are damaged or broken. It could be a problem with the bodywork or interior, mechanical failure or an insurance write-off due to an accident. Whatever the condition, we’ll make you an offer…no matter how old it is or the model.

We buy used catering vans for a whole host of reasons, seeing beyond any obvious damage and failures and can give you a great price for your vehicle.

Sell your van: simple, hassle-free service

We Buy Any Broken Vans offers a straightforward and honest service. When we give you a price for your van, it’s all-inclusive. No extra charges, no hidden fees and free collection.

You can get an instant price using our valuation tool or you can speak to our of our team to discuss your sale in more detail. Don’t forget to read through our FAQs section, you might find we’ve already answered your query there.


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