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Used Handicap Van Buyers

Anybody that struggles with limited mobility will find a handicap van to be a godsend. Any kind of wheelchair accessible van or mobility van will boost your independence.

This makes it arguably more important than ever that this vehicle is kept in full working order. If your van is starting to creak, whether due to age or mechanical faults, it can be a worrying time. You may want to upgrade but cannot bring yourself to do so without first finding a new home for your old vehicle.

We Buy Broken Vans can help you realise this goal. We’ll consider the purchase of any handicap-enabled van and ensure that it sees continued use in one capacity or other. This way, you can use the funds you receive to help pay for a replacement.

I have made a number of additions to this van

We understand that it may be a wrench to part with your van. After all, you will likely have spent a great deal of time and money making adjustments to suit your needs.

Rest assured, this will be taken into consideration when we offer a price. We will quote a price on your vehicle based on its age and condition, but this will be followed up with an inspection.

Additions will then be taken into consideration. You may find that we can increase our financial offering, based on your own investments.

I haven’t paid off my handicap van yet

We can appreciate how worrying this may be. You haven’t yet paid off your van, and now it’s showing signs of failure. This will not be a problem for us. Provided you can provide the legal paperwork that shows the outstanding statement on your van, we’ll still arrange the purchase.

How we go about this depends on the amount of outstanding finance and the value of the van. If we can offer a value higher than what is owed, we will simply remove the outstanding total from our payment. If the outstanding finance outweighs the value of the vehicle, we’ll need you to make up the shortfall.

Even the latter scenario remains cost-effective. We will take the van away ourselves, saving you a great deal of time and effort. We do not charge for this, setting us apart from many scrap and local authority services.

Will you help me find a new van?

Unfortunately, that is not a service that We Buy Broken Vans can provide. We are not car dealers in any traditional sense and will not have any vehicles to offer in part-exchange.

However, by using your service, you’ll be in a great position to choose your own new transport. We will pay you a fair price for your van, regardless of the condition it may be in. This way, finance-pending, you’ll have a sum to contribute to a replacement.

Contact us to sell your van

To find out how much you could make for your broken handicap van, just enter the registration number on our home page. From there, we’ll arrange a viewing and remove the van from your property. This whole process can be concluded in as little as three days – leaving you free to focus on shopping for a new vehicle! Contact us at https://www.webuybrokenvans.co.uk/contact-us/ to discuss next steps forward.


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